Dirty Bomb   Bug Reports

Game constantly locking up (2)
Crashing When Joining Servers (10)
Video of all the server connection bugs I've had (3)
Asia(sg) server problem (2)
Massive server connection issues (6)
NVIDIA does no longer find DirtyBomb as installed game (12)
Proxy fly like superman (2)
MG show through wall (1)
Bugs in execution mode (1)
Steam must be running! (2)
don`t have The Beta Veteran Trinket (5)
No Sound Bug (3)
Bug - Sign in could not be complete (10)
Game crash when changing video settings (1)
Bad server ( 2 3 ) (42)
Credit Booster Bugged? (2)
Items section bugged (1)
Ugly Fields (4)
Locked into server (5)
Serveradmin broken (9)
Reporting a player no longer? (3)
Mounted MG can move (2)
Random Drop of 50FPS from one week to the next (1)
Random Freezing (2)
Inoperative mouse 1 button (8)
Hunters EMP bolt vs moving objects (1)
EV MG dont point at me but hit me (2)
C4 with green dispay and counter shows 02...01....00 (6)
Some players glow red/blue (5)
shooting the MG at the end of the map (11)