Pure virtual function was called?

(enigmaplatypus) #1

so uh, in the middle of a stopwatch match the game crashed with the error: “pure virtual function being called while application was running (GIs Running == 1).” I have never seen this before in any game… what is it? How do you fix it? I have included a screenshot of the error below (I happened to be recording). I have no idea what to do…so I guess I’ll just verify files and hope for the best :confused:


(Mustang) #2

Did you Google it?

Google tells me:

  • Increase virtual memory
  • Reinstall DirectX
  • Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributables
  • Reinstall .NET Framework

So there are some things to try.

(kittz0r) #3

i remember they Days when i told people to use Google and got flamed for that