CRASH - Security Violation

(SirOrionDrake) #1

Hey guys.

As in the title, whenever I try to join a server (SA ones), I keep getting this weird distortions on my screen. They last a while, and I can even hear some of the announcer’s lines, like “repair that EV”, on EV maps. Here are some images:

The first one is from a map that I don’t remember. Some time with nothing but that on my screen, I got that message, on the second image.
The last image is from Castle. Same thing. It kept showing all but that image, and soon after, the same Kick message.

I have already validated the files, on Steam.
I’ve changed the DX version to 11, as I’m playing on my notebook and it’s been a while, since I used it to play DB. When I did it, the game simply crashed to desktop, without any kind of message.

My GPU is an GeForce 820m, with up to date driver, so I don’t think it could be causing me all this. And no. I’d never use any kind of cheating, so that is out of question, even though EAC got me kicked…
Anyways, I don’t know what else to do, but ask you guys here for help!

Thanks in advance.

((Pos2/3)) #2

Happening in Singaporean server too… It’s not your pc. I think itsa DBs fault, something wrong with the update, rekt the loading screen, and give us more waiting time (20 second every time you want to get in a server) to think to uninstall this game. Anyway i’m using dx 9 (because dx11 on DB is laggy somehow) and still got this “2-or-3-map-tone-color-waiting-screen” and yes, it comes with commander sound.

(SirOrionDrake) #3

The funny thing is that this is happening only in my notebook, although I’d have to try it in my PC to be sure. Today, later on, I’d be able to confirm this.

(Meetrock) #4

Happens to me too a lot since the 1.0 update.

(SirOrionDrake) #5

On my PC, which is unavailable until tomorrow, I hope, never had this issue, even after 1.0.
Thus, I think it has something to to with my notebook.

(SirOrionDrake) #6

And by the way, I tried again today, and here are the results:

Clicked to play the game, on Steam. EAC boots up. So does the game but takes about 5 minutes. It then drags itself through the menus, then I decided to revert to DX9. Restarted the game, everything runs smoothly.
Went to Server Browser. Clicked on a SA server with free slots. And then…


Please, would some one try and look into this? It seems I’m not the only one, and this isn’t restricted to SA servers either…

(SirOrionDrake) #7

So, it’s been 4 days now, and no one gave me an official response…
Will I have to ask @Mustang directly? It is quite annoying not being able to play a game you like, due some bug that seemingly is on their side… =/

((Pos2/3)) #8

(Mustang) #9

Not sure what this has to do with me, this is caused by the general “Server Issues” that @Pos23 linked.

(SirOrionDrake) #10

Oh, ok. Sorry then.
I saw you as a mod, and didn’t think that it was a server issue.
It is somewhat “good” to know that I’m not the only one…
Well, at least I had some answer. Thanks @Pos23 !!