Easy Anti-cheat Security Violation

(Mataha) #1

Security Violation with MOTHERBOARD standard software.
SOFTWARE SelLedv2 (is a RGB control software ¬¬)
*every time I want to play I need to uninstall or stop this process.

(Nail) #2

seems to be a common problem across many games, all answers are stop the process before gaming

(K1X455) #3

You mean stop EAC causing the error

(ZaZa) #4

Yay, I had a different error code of that_security violation_ (ShooterGame-Win32-Shipping.exe // Game Security Violation Detected (#00000001) ) came right after I pressed restart on my computer and before that I made few “changes” at Steam > Settings, BUT I didn’t save the settings, just closed the windows down and it got alerted when WinOS was closing down.

Normally restarts doesn’t give them alerts at all, only if I open Steam (Desktop client) and do what I did above.

And if you quit FACEIT client, not just closing/ minimizing it, (the desktop client), you won’t get that message, but when I closed it, no terminated it completely, I got that message after I reproduced it as I mentioned above.