Video of all the server connection bugs I've had

(enigmaplatypus) #1

So trying to play tonight I was able to record every single server bug I have had since launch… It was a fun 30 minutes. I wanted to compile all the bugs I’ve seen in the hope that it might help :sweat_smile:

alternate link (for time shortcuts in description)

0:15 to 1:30 getting thrown into empty servers I didn’t click
1:30 to 3:38 unable to join servers
3:38 to 6:29 lovely waiting & “deploying in…” crash
6:29 to 7:30 return of the empty servers
7:31 to 8:22 still can’t join
8:22 to 10:00 black screen and deploying in bug
10:00 to 12:15 waiting so long the map changed
12:15 to end of video massive dysnc and security violation. (note the security violation is not on my end as I was able to restart the game with no problems and did join one match before ending up with all these bugs again)

(Doughball) #2


Thanks for posting a video of this issue – we’re currently investigating into the cause and working on a fix :cake_proxy:.

Keep an eye on our social channels for any updates :proxy:.


(Paankracyk) #3

I want to add to that. Those bugs are getting more annoying. I came back to dirty bomb after a few months brake just to see it in state that is… unplayable. I started again about a week ago and everything seemed fine. Even better then before - I had one more charachter to choose from, the UI was reworked but… those bugs. They were kinda annoying at first, not appearing that often. But everyday it was getting worse. Today the game is practicly unplayable (Europe). Yet there are no announcement about that like you were unaware of that happening. Even if I am able to join the game the connection is bad and everyone rubberband like crazy (it’s not only me, everyone complain on chat on that problem). Please, please fix that. This is a huge problem for all the european players, not only one guy compalining on the forum.