Trouble loading after joing a server

(San_Pedro) #1

I’ve been having this problem the last two nights when I try and join a public server. I just see something like the screenshot below, and then a couple minutes later the screen comes up to choose the characters, but then the game crashes shortly after. Last night it took me 3-4 times for the game to load up after joining a server normally. The first time I tried now, I got the same thing.

(San_Pedro) #2

might be same. Seems it me be have to do with lag. Every server I could connect to today was too laggy to play. This is Asian servers based in Singapore (no Hong Kong servers showing up).

The U.S. west coast servers seem to be much better…

(Kirays) #3

The devs are aware of this and are looking into it.

(San_Pedro) #4

Hard time joining Singapore servers from Japan again…

This time just stuck at loading screen. U.S. west servers were fine for me.