Massive server connection issues

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So, since the 1.0 release I (and many people I’ve talked to) have had issues connecting to a server. Either you can’t actually join the server, and it tries to connect you to it for several minutes until you give up. Or you connect and then either see a part of the map or black screen for about a minute before you actually join. Happens on all servers and all game modes.

Furthermore, today (9/3/18) there has been massive server connection issues and myself and all of my friends cannot finish a match. Either we cannot join a match, the server kicks us out before we load in, there is massive de-snyc until the server crashes, or the server is running normally and suddenly crashes. There only seems to be about a handful of decent servers that people can actually play on. Those servers are almost impossible to get into because of all the people trying to play a match. While the first issue i mentioned has been happening since the 1.0 release this issue has only been happening (at least on this scale) since last night.

Trouble loading after joing a server
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(_charon_) #3

Hellooo SD! Are you awake? Any statement on this?

(Mustang) #4

Yup, I got this pretty bad last night, 80%-90% of servers I joined were not having it, haven’t heard anything info on it yet though.

(ZaZa) #5

Random crash again, been experiencing these crashes few times on a week lately:

(Got good connection and all)

Thought of it could be a silent patch or so, but don’t know.

(boerhae) #6

Was playing a game of Dockyard today, all of a sudden, entire server got disconnected. Rejoining that server and trying again resulted in another disconnect (on Vault now since the map was chosen randomly after the mass d/c), and third time was not the charm either. Not sure if this is related, maybe.

Anyone got a solution?