shadow wrong side

(ASD) #1


long time since I saw this … I realy thought it was fixed
maby it was but now its again here!

and it was not only his shadow wich was looking throught the wall… also the gun and the left arm…
maybe only this wall is budy


(Mustang) #2

It was “fixed” by making the affected walls thicker, you just found one hasn’t been reported before.

(ASD) #3

and again

(ASD) #4

and again

(ASD) #5

also here… why you did not get this in control?

(ASD) #6

will you ever fix this?

(ASD) #7

will this ever be fixed?

(Nail) #8

possibly with the new 64bit DX11 update, no sense in fixing 2 builds

(Mustang) #9

Actually as I recall it’s too complicated to fix for real at the engine level, so the workaround is to address it as and when it occurs by making the offending surfaces thicker, so basically it’s on the mappers to resolve.

EDIT: Haha, just noticed I posted this already earlier in the thread already, oh well.

(ASD) #10

yes yyou posted aready it was fixed … if so … just see all the other “thin” walls i found… and i dont search for them… it just pops up and then i press the “save last minute in video” button :slight_smile:

(ASD) #11

one more to be feed with very much and good food so it gets thicker

(ASD) #12

make also this wall thicker

(Meetrock) #13

Friend, you’re reporting “bugs” that aren’t that important. Does the misplaced shadow change your experience of the game by any way? No, you just ignore it, and you’ll be fine. The devs probably have more important things to do than making a wall thick.

(Mustang) #14

A wall hack seems like quite an important bug to fix to me. Especially as it renders differently for different players, on different hardware, with different graphics settings. It’s an obvious advantage.

(ASD) #15

please leave it to the devs if they are important or not
sorry I think they are important

yes this is exactly what the issue is… its not about the graphis… it shou you the place of enemys behind walls so this si some sort of built in wallhack

(ASD) #16

another “thin” wall


MG show through wall
(ASD) #17


and this wallhack still exists
2 examples