Plant can be done by anyone but me

(Idigo Red126) #1

I am sending you a screens of my problem which is simple from the title. It was during stopwatch and i rushed as Proxi to plant but i wasn’t able to. My game was thinking that I am doing the second one (like if the first is done). Switching mercs and dying didn’t help anything, really. Others were able to plant (so we at least managed to move through).
The screens shows how it looked after the plant, done by another player, to me (too bad I am able to post only one picture because of forum rules).
It happend only once but I don’t want to see this again.

PS: The game sometimes disconnects me from current match without any warning (like if I pressed “quit to menu” or something). I ended up in main menu without any sign of the last game.

(k3endo) #2

This has also happened to me, for some reason (on this exact same map) i spawned in but was unable to use the f button to interact with objectives.

And just like the screenshot suggests, the game also wanted me to plant at one of the carriages at the far end of the map.

It seems to me this is a bug specific to terminal redux, probably due to how the game acknowledges the objectives in the map (just like how in underground you cant interact with the c4 generators on the first part of the generator after youve blown up the first obj)