Quick Play, broken?

(Marten Philip) #1


I just started playing Dirty Bomb and after purchasing the 10 merc bundle for 6,000 RADS.

I am no longer eligable to connect Quickplay matches.

Everytime I try to use this feature, I manage to connect to a lobby.

Followed by an error message saying:

" you were kicked due to a game security violation; your game wil now close to resolve the issue. EasyAntiCheat. "

Is this a bug?

Or does the system really think I’m cheating?

(Jigstraw) #2

do you have RGB case or keyboard lighting? i’ve heard some software controllers for RGB lighting have been giving false positives with EAC

(Mustang) #3

The merc bundle and quick play are red herrings. If you’re getting an EAC security violation it won’t let you join any game.

The first steps to try are here: Tips to fixing wierd problems

For EAC violations in particular restarting is useful to flush out background processes it might be unhappy with. The antivirus settings and steam verify often go hand in hand, i.e. antivirus is false positiving and removing needed files.

If you’re still unable to resolve get someone from game support to look at your logs files, or otherwise advise by submitting a support request here: https://support.dirtybomb.com/hc/requests/new

About the hardware lighting that Jigstraw mentioned, I believe it’s Gigabyte software that gets detected:

  • RGB Fusion
  • GvLedServices.exe
  • SelLedV2.exe
  • RunLed.exe

If that helps.

(Marten Philip) #4

The problem has resolved it self.

And to reply to your questions, no I am not using any led applications.
Or any similair third party application.

Just steam on windows 10.