Crashing When Joining Servers

(★Shadyyy.Jw★) #1

I keep getting a black screen sometimes when i join a server i still hear the sounds of an even or like a core getting taken like him in the server even friends say Im in-game moving but its a black screen for me any idea of how or why it happens/ fix it

(ZaZa) #2

Yeah, after the update I started having this, but only on an on-going public match, so lets say I join in mid round, many times it is a black screen for a period of time (feels like a minute or so and I got good connection and all), you still hear noises and such from the game and then the loading… appears and then you can join the game again and play, I don’t experience the console crash anymore, happened also after the recent update, upon joining it didn’t execute the launcher properly, just got the bug report window, but seems to be patched now, at least hasn’t happen anymore since 28th.

(Meetrock) #3

That has been happening to me a lot since an update back in mid 2018, it wasn’t that bad actually, until the 1.0. It takes me now like 5 to 10 seconds more to actually join a match, it starts as you describe it, a black screen with the voices on, then the loading icon, then the lobby. I am highly sure this is related to performance of the game or the hardware not being able to do it correctly, since DB has been running on x64 for a while now, maybe that’s the cause of the bug?

(Wick3d_Fury) #4

I have been having the same issue since the 1.0 update. I cannot play at all. I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling it to verifying the integrity of files and nothing works. I can get all in the way in and when I click on a server, it let s me in to pick my mercs but when I hit deploy, it loads and loads and loads and then sometimes it goes to a black screen and I have left black screen running for over a half hour but then I get kicked for being idle. Does anyone know of a work around or a fix coming soon?

(Enrites) #5

having the same issue, o fix around but restart of a game…devs… devs please, do something about that… something else than just mentioning in the devs vid on youtube… please

(RectalTerror) #6

Same here. Not a crash, the game is clearly running, but the screen is all black. It seems to be server-specific.

(Angry Mob84) #7

Same for me. Only when Match has started. Cant Join the last 5 times.

(supersonic_ht) #8


Here’s a sequence of things that happen when I try to join a server through server browser:

  • Game stuck at ‘connecting’ for ~90 seconds
  • Camera out of map bounds, can see some scenery, can’t get the Esc menu
  • After 1 minute, a black screen
  • 1 more minute, then “Loading”
  • Game lobby, chat messages take half a minute to appear
  • Waiting to get in-game, then I get kicked back to main menu

(RectalTerror) #9

quite funny how joining games has never been an issue, until DB finally reaches 1.0. It would be ok if only DB didn’t take so much time to re-launch.

(geekybaking) #10

Hey everyone! Just to let you know we’re looking into it - Full post here: Server Issues