Server Issues

(Moobabe) #1

Hey everyone,

We are aware of all of the server issues you’ve been reporting. We’re investigating it and should hopefully have something to share with you all in the next couple of hours.

Thank you for your patience!

Crashing When Joining Servers
CRASH - Security Violation
Game constantly locking up
(Doughball) #2

(Begin2018) #3

Frankfurt servers are particularly impacted.

(DarkangelUK) #4

Hotfix has been applied and faceit queues are back up also

Game constantly locking up
(Nail) #5

still can’t get decent ping, usually between 90 and 140, unplayable

(Belica) #6

still not yet fixed :frowning:

((Pos2/3)) #7

still, server browser is… unplayable, i think DB’s server is in a broken state.
:slightly_frowning_face: Low ping on tab screen, red sign on the right side…
(I’m from Singapore server)
(Hongkong server literally got no player right now)

(K1X455) #8

Game client crashes on Black Screen, often locking up Win10 forcing me to into hard reset.

I suspect EAC integration at fault again.

(DarkangelUK) #9

Some changes were done and faceit queues are now open again.

((Pos2/3)) #10

Many Merci for the quick fix sir,
apart from all setting to be reset to default…

(Begin2018) #11

The problem is still here, yesterday a server started to lag at the end of the first round, we had to quit it. And lots of servers crash while playing and everyone is back to main menu (happened again 10 minutes ago).

(Press E) #12

Can confirm. Tried a public server match earlier today (one of the LA ones), managed to get in after a very long load time, but everyone was rubberbanding so much it was unplayable. Even our messages were being delayed in chat.

Community servers seem to work fine thankfully

(Moobabe) #13

Thanks for the feedback guys!

It seems that the black screen issue is fixed, but we’re still experiencing some issues with servers.

Thanks for letting us know Community Servers are better - that’s useful.

I’ll make a new thread letting you all know what’s up ASAP.

(Belica) #14

Oh u really make me mad, are u insane?, its already past 3 weeks and the server still got problem, its not about a fucking black screen issue, its the lag, u know?
L A G, google it for god sake, the low ping shown on score tab but the game lagging, fuck it.