Playing as a Godmode-Spectator

(Pekingente) #1

Hey there,

yesterday I had a very wierd match on terminal where I was in some kind of spectator mode with Arty after the first death. I was able to run and shoot around as a player but invisible to others and I also could not receive or do any damage from/to others. When I threw my ammo packs they were invisible (to me) but players could pick it up normally. The supply XP (to me) was even given for both the red and blue team picking it up! So I guess I was in some neutral spectator mode thingy with the ability to run around and spam your abilities.

But here is another odd thing:

There was a player of my team who was playing with a default model.
I can not confirm that he was invisible to others likewise but this may be a cohesive issue. Maybe my player model looked the same…

Howsoever, the server I played on had some serious lags and delays.
When rejoining the match the issue had gone, so I guess it was a unique feature :wink:


(babypinkOil) #2

I just had this issue today, this bug is a big advantage if you’re a medic as the revive still works in this bug. Letting you constantly revive mates as soon as they die.

The only way to stop this bug is if someone reaches the spawn and kills you since your actual body is still at spawn. When this happens you can’t respawn and are forced to leave the match

(Ardez1) #3

Had this same bug happen to me.

(Merrynator) #4

Happened to me as well today. Y

ou can actually kill people with revives, too. Your body seems to be in the spawn and can be killed, but the bug still seems to remain at least for the end of the round

I got video material, too, but can’t post links on the forums.