Go back to Open Beta Dev, please

(Belica) #1

as u seen on the tittle up there, yes it is, revert it back please. why?, what kind of non OB game that had server issue out there, its online game, not offline. and about cards drop that it was already increased u say (stop lying about it im not dumb enough) 10 prime cases opened, no cobalt. u can ban me for this dont care that much :sunglasses:, anyway, this stupid idea about hiding player level so everything look balance, pfftttt hahaha :rofl:. playing with friend as eternal enemy?, how it is possible to play with friend but cant even team up with them?. u guys need to play another game that had party team like match, yet it was balance.

last but not least. every person can get angry. we play, we paid. u get paid" so do something about your works for god sake.:kissing_heart: and im not from america which cant speak English well, so bear with it