Server issue

(ASD) #1


ok im not sure if writing here is waste of time but i hope the best … maybe some SD dev read this and find a solution.
since some days we are able to open the comunity servers for QuickJoin… and so I did.
now my server has 2 problems…

  • the old lag issue ( Bad server )
  • the “can’t connect issue”

this goes like this:
the server shows in the serverbrowser for example 13/16 players
if you then connect you see in the loby only 6 players (not the 13 from 30 seconds before) and after you press the login buton you maybe here some ingame sound and then you get kicked back to the mainmenu without any errormessage… sometimes with “connection to server lost” this can be repeated over and over again
this is how this looks like in the servergraph2018-10-28%2018_00_08-ClanForge%20-%20Stats
only thing i can do is restarting the server

Automate server restart
(Mc1412013) #2

Did you try contacting multiplay to see if its on there end??

(ASD) #3

you realy think multiplay have some clue?
I expect nothing from them
but yes they know about this…


(Mc1412013) #4

First time i contacted them thwy blamed sd l. 2nd time i contacted they fixed the coupted config files

(ASD) #5

lucky you… normaly they blame me and all the players … specialy for the lag issue… its all players fault that suddenly all have lag… and after i restart the server its also all players fault what its then working again till next issue (which is… guess it… not theyr fault but my one)

(kittz0r) #6

threaten to cancel or hold back the payment if they don’t fix the issues. Thats the only language Companies nowadays understand.

(ASD) #7

sad but true