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I post here… I know its wron but so far there is no “server” forum… and as its not working so good i post here in the bug section

I have now one of the comunity server
its alot of fun… but I have a big issue!
after some time running the server gets realy bad… first only the yellow bad connection symbol… then orange and some lags until it gets red and lag like hell and everyone search for better server
multiplay switched already to differen server but its the same … sometimes after some hours sometimes it need ~24h but its happening again and again
a restart of the server fix this… until it happens again

anyone else having this ?


Server issue
The definition of an unbalancedz match
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Is this the FF-ON 8v8 server ?
I can relate to this, and this is not a client based issue. When it occured, every players experienced the same huge lags. And after a few minutes of unplayable match, everyone returned to game menu.

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do you not have the ability to restart YOUR server ?

must be an “oversight”

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It’s a very known issue on UE3 binaries, or at least I know it as it affected pretty much every single UE3 based games I played in the past too (tribes ascend, chivalry…). There’s some sort of memory leak issue that tend to overload the server after some time.

The only thing you could do from your point is restarting the server every day, as late as you can before it gets crowded. On top of that, high pingers tend to worsen the situation faster. So a 120 ms ping limit is also very welcome reducing the arrival of the first symptoms.

As I mentioned above, its a known issue and I’m pretty surprised Multiplay even tried to change the server.
The things they could do : avoid multitasking on their server (they should avoid game server stacking on a same computer, which could be possible from their point of view), and make the tickrate steadier. DB is supposed to run at 66 or 70 - default for UE3 - but in game it seems to me very far from that result. And set a 70 hz tickrate when the server is able to provide nearly 40 will amplify the issue. The tickrate should be reachable for the server, which is not the case with what multiplay provide on DB as of now.

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yes i have FF on with 16 slots…
to be precise… servername “[AuZ] - [FF ON] - Stopwatch 8vs8 EU Frankfurt”

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yes i can do this over a webpanel… there is also some autorestart feature but currently I have no info about when this autorestarts will happen…

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pinglimit is set to 100…
as you say restarting the server make it smooth for some time…
I’ll update the multiplay ticket with your imput! Thanks

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Btw, was the only server I recently had massive framedrops, 180 downto 50±, even with threadysync switched off.
I really don’t know, how or why the server’s performance even should be able to mess with the client’s fps, but hey, I guess SD got a patent for it…

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Nothing SD could do on their hand except expecting the same improvements than us from the server provider.

That’s not a isolated issue and pretty much every server is affected by it. It is more visible on servers that are crowded over some long periods of time. From my experience, I’ve seen many situations on DB that are pretty much symptomatic of that issue.

It improved in the very last period of Nexon’s server management, so there’s seems to be solutions for it.

About performance, what it seems to do is obviously making the server not sending packets over some period of time. So when he’s sending them back again, it seems sending a pretty clonking result that could mess the client afterwards. Again, I noticed it not only on DB, and it gets worse with high players numbers servers. 16 is pretty small server for UE3 still…

And again, if the server does not reach the expected tickrate, it will amplify the issue. The server seems to make back some sort of delay.

The ideal conditions are having the server and all the clients sending and receiving packets at a steady rate.
Which is not the case right now here.

I’ve had the opportunity to rent servers from Simrai on chivalry, which were good enough to guarantee a 70hz tickrate. That lowered the degredation, and improved significantly the hitreg/packetloss/rollbacks/etc.

No secrets, just proper work on the server side. @ASD could you give some updates about your discuss with multiplay ? That’s one of the very reason why we did not rent a AIE server continuing the one SD gave us over a long period of time. Multiplay is not a provider I want to rent a server from because of that reason. On chivalry we had exactly the same issue and they gave us no hear and no help to solve that when we rented from them. I vocally expressed that issue to Shoe as soon as I understood that multiplay would be the sole provider, but, well…

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they did this two server swaps but thats all
i enabled now automatic restart every 6 hours which hopfully is done a 00 0,6,12,18 * * * and not between 19:00 and 24:00 … I’ll see,
sure I would prefere to rent from other provider or better run db om my own ded server but multiplay is currently the only possible.

hopefully SD is reading here and maybe help multiplay to sort things out…

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Splash Damage is giving us too much bullshit lately that it’s beyond reproachable!
Cutting down costs by removing Frankfurt rooms? Really?
I don’t have any rooms I can play anymore.
They give us 2 Frankfurt rooms and the others aren’t even playable, yeah I’m talking about the so called community servers crap. Wrong settings, crap tick rate, data loss etc etc.

I say, now we call the shots. Lets bring down their tyranty and capitalism, lets do this guys!!!

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the autorestart from multiplay works different as previously explained by multiplay technician… its not restarting the server at specified scedules but related to last restart of the server… so if you once need to restart the server within primetime and have autorestart set to daily it will restart the server 24h after last restart -> next day primetime…
and the very bad stuff… sometimes a restart is not enouth… hat it already two times what i connect to my fresh restarted server and its still “red” and lagy… after a 2nd restart it worked then… I just waiting for 3 restarts are needed…

as this is still a huge issue… I need to restart the server every evening in primetime!
is it possible what SD can assist multiplay to sort this out?
please PM me if you need more details

the server is nearly every evening for some hours full with all 16 slots which make me verry happy and its huge fun to play … but then this lag shit with red connectionsymbol in the middle right screenend is coming and destroy everything! after the restart all players are gone :frowning: this really makes me very sad!

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I thought the servers weren’t meant to restart if people were on them, in which case it shouldn’t be an issue.

If they are restarting with players then as I understand it this would be a bug they need to sort out.

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will stoping the server and starting it after work better or does this not change someting?

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It can fix the lag apparently, which is why they have the auto-restart option I believe.

Or do you mean stop-start vs restart? If this, then I have no idea.

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this was meant… thanks anyway

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if somehow possible please assist multiplay
its getting more worse every mail they write
no they try to explain me my client is the fault or the network in between
but noone of them can explain me why restarting (sometimes doublerestart is needed) is solfing the issue!

so I hope multiplay is sorting things fast out or they will lose a customer… I’m not willing to pay for such crappy stuff!

is there a plan to give servers to better hosters? if so please put me to preorder list!


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@Doughball Can you give a look over that issue please ?

(ASD) #19


multiplay moved again the server …its now in paris…
currently im at work so I cant have a look but I will in the evening


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Hi all,

paris is not better then frankfurt
server autorestarted at 18:16 BST with 16 slots full then 1/2 hour later with only 4 players reconnected lag started again