Bad server

(B_Montiel) #21

Why would it be ?
Considering every multiplay servers are the same, they’ll be affected in pretty much the same proportions.

As far as I see it, this mostly means that when you restart your server from multiplay panel, you’re not restarting the actual physical server. Which does need a restart to solve the issue directly, as it somehow overload RAM and other memories, and it’s not fully restored when you shut the server binary off.

That said, try to stick on properly properly routed multiplay regions : stockholm is at least 50/60 ms ping for anyone in western Europe, which is absurd, even with fibre cable. London and Frankfurt shows packetloss frequently thus weird hitreg appearing. So far I have not tested any Paris Located server, but Amsterdam seems to me the best choice you could do.

By the way, I just joined another community server this afternoon, which was evenly affected after long time with no restart. Even official public servers start acting weird this afternoon (it often does on sundays, it’s not new once again).

(ASD) #22

for me this is new… befor my own server I did not sit on the same server so long… the most time I spend on different servers… the only exclude was you server… which I liked verimuch expect the votes which you there not able to disable… I hate shuffles mid game!

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multyplay is realy trying to help me but somehow they cant

they setup a new server so I have currentl two… bove have the same settings and run on the same machine
I have tried to shutdown the other server if one show bad connection to reduce load on the machine but this does nothting.
I tried alot… for now the new server looks not as bad as the old one but right now both started with this lag shit again
and this with onyl one or two players connected… which for my understanding should not generate that much laod… especialy if you keep in mind that this machine should handle 2 servers each 16 slots

if someone from SD reading this and what to help… let me please know via PM I’ll provice everything what I can.
I’m really interested in getin this fixed and have a nice SMOOOTH server without this lag…


(ASD) #24

now its getting worse
multiplay wants again to run tracert etc…

Splashadamage please help!


(B_Montiel) #25

That’s not helping in any way. They’re just fooling you on the highest level possible.

As I said : 1 UE3 server = 1 computer you can properly restart (not the server binary, the WHOLE computer, which is impossible as soon as you start stacking)

As long as they won’t follow this, no improvements to expect. The ridiculous thing is that they openly admit they stack game servers on a same computer.

On top of that, add the routing weirdness of their server most Europeans suffers from, there’s no surprise at all.

(ASD) #26

nop multiplay is unable

I think I will not continue using theyr service… I was realy happy as SD explained we get servers… but this way… no! not for free! never for money!

now they start every shit from begining… just right now the server was move to stockholm… for me a double in pingtime of frankfurt

this makes me realy sad!

(ASD) #27


service canceled… sad! but if they not change direction by 180° I see no other way

(D'@athi) #28

Seeing you writing this last post is really kinda devastating news, as I saw you and your Frankfurt/Main-server as a beta-test for my own planned community-server, as I wasn’t reluctant to finally spend some real dime and rent one of these “community-servers” (especially if some class-restrictions were to come), simply to get rid of highpingers and warpers. Not having to report 15% of the players (the “real” botters/wh’ers not even mentioned), giving you hits tens of a second, after you already beeing behind a corner, or even giving you multiple hits at once, would have been sufficient for me, although these servers are quite overpriced in comparison to some nice root-servers around the DeCix, here in the Rhein-Main-area.
But SD, letting you work all alone with/vs. on a thing, which is most probable the abysmal UE3-client-performance, without any help or any answers from their side… … I guess for myself, I am able to tell, where the path would have lead myself when I’d have already rented one of them community-servers.
So I am unfortunately?! !! back on my track and will keep on not spending a dime on pre-release-alpha-/beta-projects, until they make true most of the stuff they have promised, and I am kinda thanking you that you accepted the trial :confused: .

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(Doughball) #30

Hi there ASD!

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these issues with your community server. If you could open a ticket with me here: I’ll be more than happy to look into this with you.


(ASD) #31

Hi Doughball,

thanks for your investigation!
I realy hope your rescue mission is a success storry!

I opend the ticket as requested… I dont got any ticketnumber which I could tel you here … (maybe this could be improved with your ticketing system)

I’m realy happy to deliver all informations you need
just ask multiplay to send you a export of the tickets 7713630 & 7705335


(Doughball) #32

Thanks a lot! Will be taking a look shortly for you :slight_smile:


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(RageSmirk) #34

Any news??? This is really getting on my nerves

(ASD) #35

multiplay is now trying again things
without success so far


(D'@athi) #36

“Some perception thingy” © shoe, probably be solved (soon)TM

PS: If i had something to do with the netthingies, I’d have a quick look-around at teh incomming packets, especially after some recent patches hit the virtual-servers.
PS2: On the other side, simply tell us if it’s ok to downclock our CPU’s and to use some RaspberryPis as transparent bridges to add some ping and/or packetloss to one of them networking directions to perform the new “gimp-meta” and keep us up to the eastern-europeans-performance on western-europe-servers.
“Fast-paced Competetive Shooter” ©SD/Wargaming
“tired and bored @ colourful skins” ©Deathi

(B_Montiel) #37

As explained here, to Shoe when I monitored the AIE server back then, simply trash multiplay exclusivity. Best solution you got here, quite literally.

They’ve never ever been able to run a UE3 server smoothly. Just get it straight and allow us to rent from other providers.

And I might get a server once this mandatory step is cleared, even with the terrible lack of server commands / settings.

For the sake of testing, just get some servers from other providers. The game suffers so heavily from it.

(ASD) #38

we had about 2-3 weeks now a working setup (restarting the server twice a day)
just today (1.0 release) the lag shit is back… we had some hours without issue and then suddenly it starts like in the past… hope this is a one time issue and not again this all days shit!
btw the server still shows version “Game Version: Public Retail ( PR5b RC2 reupload )” in the website of multiplay


(B_Montiel) #39

Same happened to the other european multiplay 8vs8 ff-on community server an hour ago.
And I guess it’s mostly because those servers had a rough time updating this morning WITHOUT BEING PROPERLY RESTARTED.

Once again :

  • 1 UE3 server = 1 actual physical computer dedicated (hosting a VOIP or some small pop website on the side is Ok, but not another UE3 server), with one hardware restart everyday
  • If tickrate is set at 66 hz (default tickrate on UE3) ==> the server should at least be able to provide it
  • Multiplay’s views on routing are beyond the reach of any people who has some intelligence

Once again, scrap / diverse from multiplay so we can have those points erased once and for all.
My wallet is still waiting.

@ASD 28 days left of subscription I guess ?

(Mustang) #40

Everyone is lagging today.