Bad server

(D'@athi) #41

At best it’s some new anti-compromise-stuff the server’s aren’t able to keep-up to (hey, they couldn’t handle the game properly before when highpingers/low-fpsers and exploiters played on a server, so what), at worst they used the “downtime” to put even more gameservers on a single physical machine and/or the new intel-microcodes fucked even more up (I/O-stuff and spectre-patches anyone?).


  • dropping the mine you tried to place while beeing killed directly after your revive?!
  • taking more than a sec to switch classes (at least for the visible feedback)?!
  • whole game feeeling even more shittier than ever, even with no highpingers on the server (still people telling, they get no more than 20 fps (hello McFly, why you still try to play this game)?!
  • at least on amd cards, changing the graphics-setting in menu will crash the game?!
  • killing yourself while changing your class in warmup will produce the “dying-sound” after respawn?!

To make it quick… Someone else thinking the classmates of the sole student-coder of this game had no time for testing this marvelous 1.0-version?

(ASD) #42


if it runls like the last 2 weeks I’m happy to have this server… but if its like the weeks before… NOP…
we will see if this yesterday was only a single issue or if its repeating…
we will see today… pressing thumbs :slight_smile: