What happened to the Dev Videos after 1.0?

(Meerkats) #21

I really thought DB had what it took to go big, but it’s abundantly clear at this juncture DB doesn’t.

I’d really like to see a postmortem by Shoe / various project leaders.

What they really thought, and if they could do it again, what they would do differently.

Would they have chosen a different engine ( I know there weren’t exactly many choices at the time, but in hindsight, UE3 wasn’t a great pick ), or upgraded to a different engine during development, thereby possibly bypassing continual performance issues?

Would they still have released Phantom? I’m not talking “released in current ‘fixed’ state,” I’m talking at all. I think the consensus amongst skilled, veteran players would be to just kick that piece of shit to the curb, but you know… At the very least, population numbers would ( very ) likely be better than they are today if Phantom hadn’t been released as he had.

Would they still have implemented execution, or perhaps would they have focused development toward getting CMM out earlier ( when populations were healthier ).

How would they have responded to AngryJoe’s mouth hole diarrhea? It’s really hard to measure how much damage a single man’s retardation did to DB’s reputation, but I think “a lot” is a safe bet. Btw, as a person who has played with and against AngryJoe in the past ( Destiny PvP matchmaking )… he’s fucking awful at FPS.

Was the loadout system initially SD’s idea or was it pushed onto them by Nexon? Overall, what impact did Nexon really have on DB’s development?

What are the Nexon CM’s ( Jordy, MissMurder and Raz ) doing now?

Hindsight is 20 / 20, but that doesn’t mean there is no value in it.

(PariahDog) #22

I recall Memetom being a massive underperformer back in the super early beta with no loadouts where all he had was the weebstick and some crappy silenced pistol. Then again no one figured out the bullshit that was beyblade then.

Loadout system was probably Nexon’s idea since early beta you had 1 loadout and that was it. No augments no alternate weapons.

(n-x) #23

Since you are one of the long time community members, who was the community manager before shoe? And I mean from SD and not nexon, since I can only remember shoe since beginning of open beta.

(KeMoN) #24

He was a great fella as well.

(Floris) #25

Badman is a great fella indeed, as far as I know he is still at SD, leading UI/UX. There was another community manager called Silvanoshi, but he doesn’t seem to be working at SD anymore.

(KeMoN) #26

Oh that’s great to hear! Good for @badman and SD.
Side note: Pinging him says “Studio UX Director” so you’re absolutely right @Florisjuh.

(kopyright) #27

Easy - no further development, no further dev videos.

(binderr) #28

I’de love to see Dirty Bomb 2 project perhaps, they could try and build on all the good aspects of this game using UE4 this time.

(K1X455) #29

links to the 5 or 6 so far?

(SirOrionDrake) #30

So, this really seems to be the end of it ?
Well, it was so damn good while it lasted…
Guess all that is left to do is play it for as long as the servers are still up.
IF this is truly the beginning of the end, some where down the line servers outside the EU -since they’re based on the UK - will begin to close, or perhaps they’ll only leave US ones up. That will mean yet another playerbase cut, just speeding up the process of pulling the plugs.
It is indeed, sad to realize it has come to an end :disappointed_relieved:

(DarkangelUK) #31

Was actually Silvanoshi that came after badman, then shoe took over from Silvanoshi.

(Nail) #32

there were 3 from Nexon included because we were talking about Dirty Bomb not SD, but as you may have noticed, none of them mattered in the build of the game


(SM83 Power Operative ) #33

Suppose there’s not much sense in investing more money into retaining some custom servers now. Playerbase will evaporate even faster than it already has if there’s no further support. This really does make me sad if it’s gonna end like this, but not shocked in the slightest. Good times, DB… been fun for sure.

(Floris) #34

While I like the game play of Dirty Bomb, I don’t really care so much about the theme of it, so a DB 2 does not really get me all that excited. I’m having high hopes for the Wargaming project to be a spiritual successor to ET:QW, similar to how Dirty Bomb was a spiritual successor to W:ET/Brink. Also there seems to be the zombie project…

(K1X455) #35

idk wtf you’re talking about here.

afaik, developer videos are being talked about and the presenter has gone missing after 1.0.

(Nail) #36

Miss Murder was a presenter, so were Raz, Badman, Silvanoshi and Shoe. That’s 5 ,pay attention son, you’re missing lots

(K1X455) #37

You’re also missing the fact that the discussion is about Developer Videos AFTER 1.0

Before you start blabbering about your posts, get your facts straight first.

(Nail) #38

yes, the discussion is about no videos after 1.0, YOU were the one who brought up Shoe being the “face” of DB, but that was before 1.0, as were the others

(K1X455) #39

Denying that fact is like saying that there’s nothing wrong with Dirty Bomb, because admit it… the sum of all others doesn’t amount to his presentation of DDev videos.

It’s quite simple really. We all want to know what’s going on the development (or maintenance actions) but communications seems scarce after Shoe’s departure (not even a fare well video for that matter). Then you claim 5 or 6 videos after that? Stop smoking that shit.

(ZaZa) #40

Commenting since you’re a mod here and to please my curiosity, interesting to understand really what is going on.

Since 18d ago @Moobabe mentioned something about that the Dev Videos are late because they’re searching for bugs and trying to solve the issues, which make me as a player think they’re working on the issue and when keeping that in mind they aren’t moving away from DB project completely then, perhaps not focusing on developing maps and mercs, but I mean, adjust features and compile neat bugs in scripts is still on-going I assume?

But couldn’t they just temporarily be focusing on new projects, while these connection issues undergoes a fix by the other script maintenance team? I mean since it is a priority rather then making new features and stuff at the moment, just a thought, I’m an innocent player.

  • I mean it doesn’t show that they’ve given up on DB (Click me!, Click me!)

  • And I mean, players are daily playing and I guess also some have dedicated servers still there and some are paying for other stuff and there are players around, it’s definitely not dead by the specific used term.

Sometimes when you read these messages, it feels like everything is over and done with, but I don’t share that experience, sure playerbase changes and all but I mean, hope is still there and it would be rather good to see some notification from the developers very soon informing fellas around here that they got it! :wink:

I also hope for an understanding for these thoughts, just curious, since you see different messages each day.

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening!