What happened to the Dev Videos after 1.0?

(SirOrionDrake) #1

Hye guys.

I was wondering, whatever happened to the devs, that haven’t posted a single video after 1.0 went live…
This, and the fact that there has been many server sided lags and connection problems makes me think about all of that “this game is dead” talk. I never wanted to belive in it, since I love this game so much, but I’m running out of options here…

One would think that they’d continue with the one to two videos per week, after 1.0, as if nothing had changed, but all we had was utter silence - at least from their YT account.

Have they gone totaly “sc®ew this dead game” and just released 1.0 just for the sake of it, and to meet their deadlines? I’m beginning to think that this might be a possibility, since even if they were planing on adding any new feature (be it a map, merc or event) they’d still be making videos… heck, even if it was just bug fixes they’d have put some videos, with Shoe answering questions, community spotlighting a all that, as filler…

So, what are your thoughts on this?

(Jan S.) #2

My guess is there’s nothing to talk about and there is nobody to record them since shoe. left


Shoe is gone, left SD. When it comes to the dev videos, with no one managing the community and with the lack of support for the game, logical reason would be that they pushed the game out to 1.0 and end it there. They still had the passion for making content and events, etc. before the nuclear winter update, after that, everything started falling down and here we are today. The game was great, had many chances at being up there with the big boys, many people playing it, but with lack of support, buggy servers, lack of content and now no community manager, things are just going downhill for DB and SD.


Did they officially confirm it somewhere? Because I haven’t noticed anything besides his silence. He still has the Splash Damage role on the Dirty Bomb discord, and he’s listed as working at SD from 2015-present on his website. I can’t say whether it’s up to date or not, but you think that would be a priority.

All I’ve seen shoe actually do is remove his DB community manager thing from his twitter, but honestly I can see that being done just to avoid spam on something you want to use as your personal twitter.

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(ASD) #6

1 (remove his DB community manager thing from his twitter)
1 (We are hiring for a community manager to join the team)


let us guess…

(SirOrionDrake) #7

Oh, Shoe left?
That speaks volumes about the condition of the game =(
It makes me sad to think that the best FPS I have ever played - and I’ve been playing them since Wolfenstein, on the DOS - is really going to die =/
I’ve already lost Hellgate:London, and now DB is going the same way. Guess that city isn’t the most auspicious place to set a game into…

(Meetrock) #8


Splash Damage is most notably known for their work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Gears of War 4 and Dirty Bomb. At Splash Damage I have a variety of roles including Community Management, Social Media Management, Video Production and Hosting/Presenting. To accomplish these roles I perform many different tasks…

Taken from Shoe’s own website.

(henki000) #9

Shoe was talented community manager, but not indispensable. Never watched his streams, but enjoyed dev videos. Will keep my eye on, if he keeps building communities in future.

I havent notice any uncommon server problems. Everyone wants to keep Dirty Bomb playable for everyone. I think thats one reason why there has been so silent lately, it will highlight crucial issues. It’s more important to focus on devs expertise, than spend valuable resources to videos. Perhaps this will open new chapter for dev videos, where they will only announce when there is something actually completely fixed / repaired, not just broken deadlines and hopes. But if you cant find anyone for the job right now, you should make video anyway. I vote that hot and smart lady, who designed green Phoenix (if I even recall correctly that something like it happened while back).

(Nail) #10

we’ve had several different community managers over the years, seems to be a dynamic rather than a static position. If you really think DB revolved around a community manager, you silly

(kittz0r) #11

shoe is gone, even confirmed by Moobabe…

(ZaZa) #12

Oh he has left the company.

Anyways, to be honest, he had the look of being stressed out to max watching them videos, quite clear signs, so I assume he did what was best for him and that’s the main-point always, do what you want with your life (in a good way), not what others wants you to do.

However, I’d love to see a woman now in the upcoming videos, like LoL had that host called ‘Nikasaur’ (Nika Harper) or that e-sports hostess Eefje Depoortere aka ‘Sjokz’, needs to be similar entertainer like shoe and I must say thumbs up for him, he did a great job!

(Teflon Love) #13

But still in his final video to announce the 1.0 release he look genuinely happy for the first time since ever. And in the first few days after 1.0 he seemed full of energy on his stream, playing FaceIt and musing about how to adjust the FactIt rewards.

It’s quite an achievement even for SD to turn this into a quitting. Congratulations, I guess. I hope applicants for the new community managers don’t ask during the interview “So why did my predecessor leave?”.

(Floris) #14

I don’t want to throw gasoline on the fire, but we don’t know whether he quit or whether he was fired. Also, we don’t know whether they are looking for a community manager for DB or another project (for example the Wargaming project which should be announced this year).

(kittz0r) #15

They are looking for an SD Community Manager, not just 1 Game.

(K1X455) #16

The face of DB is kinda hard to replace. That’s a big Shoe to fill.

(Your worst knifemare.) #17

Hopefully in the mean time SD are taking steps to improve DB in the backround.

(Nail) #18

@ K1X455 and yet we’ve had about 5 or 6 so far

(Kirays) #19

Truth to be told, to all appearances Dirty Bomb’s development has come to an end. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet but with the devs being radio silent over the course of several weeks, no videos nor streams showing up I think it’s close to assume Splash Damage has come to the conclusion that there is no point in investing any more manpower and time into this game, sadly. By the looks of it essentially all devs apart from the server guys and Moobs have been moved to other projects. At this point all we can hope for is that the server issues alongside the bugs pertaining faceit will be resolved however don’t expect new mercs, maps or any content for that matter, we won’t get any. Oh, well, it is what it is. I’ll be here enjoying playing it regardless.

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #20

Damn. I knew something like this would happen eventually, but it still sucks to read.