What happened to the Dev Videos after 1.0?

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Kisass, your inability to understand English is problematic to me, I’ll just leave you to wander in your fog

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I guess they ran the numbers and decided there is more money to be earned in developing different stuff (e.g. work for hire - Gears Tactics and Gears V) and other new games (Wargaming thing and unannounced project). But it’s good to see some hopeful posts on this forum. Considering DB is an IP owned by SD I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see them moving some people back to work on new content for it in the future. Release three new maps, three new mercs, advertise on Steam, profit!

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@Florisjuh I think SD was acquired by another company earlier this year? I guess that explains why they made all these shitty decisions regarding DB.

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They got bought out last year. That allowed them to buy back the publishing rights for DB from Nexon. They said they would use their improved funding for improving the game. They did hire a bunch of Devs, but in the end the extra changes seemed to have been underwhelming.

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Please just don’t.

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What’s your problem with more mercs? If it’s the price to pay to get some more life breath into the game I would gladly pay it. They could add more customisation options to community servers so we could have some “base mercs” only server for example.

I wonder if people do not play DB not because they don’t know that the game exists, but rather because they think the game is old. Making a completely new DB might never happen because of its lacklustre performance, but they might at least try to milk the game by making small content changes and overhyping them. Well, that actually sounds pretty evil, maybe they’re better off letting the game die :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d rather they start by removing 3 mercs. Phantom and Bushwacker for sure, then prolly Arty.

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Because since Phoenix, essentially every newly added merc has been controversial and vehemently disliked by large swaths of the playerbase. Many of the new mercs either dilute DB’s originally advertised gameplay experience ( Phantom, Thunder, Turtle ), add dumb bullshit that isn’t fun to go against ( Phantom, Thunder, Turtle ), or are just stupid and gimmicky ( Hunter ).

All roles Dirty Bomb needs fulfilled are fulfilled and new additions are just variations off an existing role sans defensive specialists ( Turtle, Guardian ), which many higher level players don’t like due to the hard counter nature of their abilities and how they generally slow the pace of the game down. There’s a reason why if you watch top skill bracket FaceIt matches, Turtle is essentially permabanned.

If whatever new merc you want doesn’t fulfill a new, needed role currently unfulfilled… 99% keep that merc on the shelf.

Question: Do you like Overwatch? If you’re playing this game, probably not. If no, then did you give a shit Blizzard added some stupid fucking hamster to their game? Probably not. Dirty Bomb has been out for 3.5 years now. If a player didn’t give a shit about Dirty Bomb during those 3.5 years, why would they give a shit when SD adds some Korean cunt? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Guardian… but ask your friend who doesn’t play DB now? He / she probably doesn’t give a shit. So why waste that dev time making something shitty people don’t care about anyway?

Simple shit.

There used to be some guy who always wanted new shit added to the game. Got in a lot of arguments with me cause… he wasn’t the brightest lightbulb out there… Anyway, that guy is gone. Or maybe he’s still around? I don’t know, I can’t remember the dude’s name, but I’m sure I’ll recognize him if I see his name, and I don’t think I’ve seen it around. From what I can tell, he wasn’t in it because he enjoyed the core gameplay… I guess he just wanted shiny shit and to spam nuclear pancakes ( high level gameplay, I know ) or something… I don’t know. And here I am, after 3.5 years, still here, cause I’m here for the gameplay. I don’t give a shit about some cheapshit tinsel. Not only that, I’ve supported the game: ~$150. Bitches ain’t loyal, but that ain’t me.

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Apart from the xenophobic diarrhea, you make some good points. But did you see the player peak after the 1.0 release? How many of those people would have stayed playing if DB’s servers weren’t a laggy mess during that time? I don’t know, maybe I am from a time in which things like map/extension packs still attracted many new players, but I would think that could at least create another stimulus for the game. Anyway, for DB it’s probably too little, too late at this point.

Regarding you not liking mercs, so what? As long as you can disable them in FaceIt or if SD adds boycotting mercs to Community Servers they won’t be hurting you. In public, to me having a diverse set of mercs seems to be a bonus, even if it means getting proxy-pancaked, naded, rocketed or phantomed once in a while. And again, I would really love it if they made Community Servers more powerful so we could play on a “Classic Merc” community server to escape the bonanza which the game has become. For me, I just want the game to have a future until the next interesting game comes around.

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Why is it that people like you, presumably the kind of snowflake that is oh-so concerned with feelings and not offending anyone, think it’s totally okay to throw out baseless accusations of xenophobia?

I’m bored, so let me break this down for you, under the assumption that “Korean Cunt” is the phrase that caused your brain to malfunction:

In the above context “cunt” merely means “person” or “character”. Korean, as far as I’m aware is a factual, descriptive word, not a slur. The fact that the aforementioned cunt is Korean is not necessarily related, unless you ASSUME it to be. But then wouldn’t that assumed relationship actually mean you’re the racist…? :slight_smile:

Try harder to find your outrage.

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For the record I like Korean cunt

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Community servers would be great for that. You want your own preferred gameplay? Classic mercs only, sniper only, knife only, no explosives, single merc rule… - here you go, just pay a nominal monthly fee for it.

Sadly the community servers are still stuck with the feature set from their initial release.

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OK, arguably I shouldn’t have used the word xenophobic, but also I think his word usage can easily be interpreted as being offensive, especially to people who do not speak English natively, whether he meant to or not. It triggered me at least. He could have easily written “Korean character” and it wouldn’t have been offensive to anyone.

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Your triggering does not constitute any wrongdoing. As there was no overt nor implicit bigotry, the accusation of it is disgusting and reprehensible, much more so than the potential offence someone may TAKE at an innocent sequence of words.

I don’t care how easily he could have chosen alternate prose nor how his prose could have been “easily interpreted”.

He said nothing wrong. You baselessly implied xenophobia. You are the only one in the wrong here.

On a side note: If I ever unironically use the phrase “It triggered me” then please, somebody, put me out of my misery.

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If I could take one merc out to dinner, in a non-actually premeditated murder way, it would be the Korean cunt.

Or Rhino. Seems crazy, but Rhino seems like a great guy to shoot the shit with.

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OK, sorry Meerkats and other users for offending you.

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Yes indeed

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I would not recommend you getting your hopes up. We can absolutely expect the servers to return to a functional state again (let’s hope the maintenance is going to accomplish that) but apart from that you really shouldn’t expect much. The game itself isn’t dead, its development is. The truely dedicated players are still here playing.

When that happened SD genuinely intended to iron out the deeply enrooted issues like skins being tied together with loadout cards, the three-merc-limit and the EV, however all these great plans were discarded once they recognized how much work it would take.

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Regardless of intent or context we would prefer less colourful language being used on the forums, with that being said it’s quite clear that the language filter isn’t working, I guess we can get that sorted :slight_smile: