What happened to the Dev Videos after 1.0?

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Genuine kudos for this, but it’s funny how you still seem to confuse offending people vs attacking them in a way that should require apology.

You don’t owe Meerkats an apology for offending him, but you do for groundlessly insinuating xenophobia and/or bigotry on his part. He says shit like “Korean ■■■■”, I doubt you offended him. But you still owe(d) him an apology. Get it?

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Regarding you not liking mercs, so what? As long as you can disable them in FaceIt or if SD adds boycotting mercs to Community Servers they won’t be hurting you. [/quote]

As for me, choosing which mercs you want to ban should be a strategic mind process, like you know that player in the enemy team is really good with fragger, so by banning him, you put that player at disadvantage and even may break their whole tactic as a team.

But actually, banning mercs are mostly used to take care of the most annoying and stupid mercs (Turtle and Aura the most frequently, if not always, often followed by Thunder). In pugs, Turtle and Aura are banned by default. Futrhermore, what’s the point of banning a merc like Vassilli when there’s Aimee available ? You waste your 2 bans for 2 mercs that are the same only to avoid having to face snipers, with two of the most annoying abilities in the game (A free wallhack versus an annoying cam that makes you take more damage).

This should make you understand why a lot of players don’t want more mercs (or maybe give more bans ?). But more maps ? Oh yeah, without any hesitation.

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Would be better perhaps if there were unlimited global bans for a pug, like in W:ET there were rulesets/configs from different leagues tailored towards a specific playstyle (for example banning heavy weapons from 3vs3 matches and limiting heavy weapons in 6vs6 matches). SD has put so much resources in trying to make people play the game they best see fit. I wished they had invested that time in making the game customizable so players could fit the game to them.

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Interestingly while I find these issues annoying none of them seem game breaking to me. Maybe to some extend the EV bug, but it happens so consistently that you learn to avoid it eventually.

It’s things like stupid mercs (that could be removed from the game or be dealt with using a ban mechanic), the lack of comprehension what makes your own game unique and so enjoyable (movement and gunplay) and the inability to preserve that at all cost, the craptacular matchmaking and the utter inability to improve it, and giving reign to incompetence and ignorance when player pick their mercs (instead of forcing them into a sensible meta at least in some game modes).

Most of these issues could have been dealt with on the user interface level where some of your options would have been limited. Data for a better matchmaking are already all over the place in the game, you mostly need to think past 1 player = 1 eloesque rating.

Yes, it still needs work to address these but it won’t require switching to a new engine or completely rework the whole software architecture.

But apparently SD decided to put their resources somewhere else and so far it did not work out all that great. Oh well, where ever you go, there you are.

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Yay, well at least some maintenance and that’s good, it’s like what I hoped for so my hopes won’t crash based on that information, I wasn’t referring to new big projects, I was just curious about the current actual state of the server, what has been said and towards what direction shall we lean at and based on your reply we can totally forget all about new features and their adjustment, which I honestly think is sad, so only basic server service.

And when it came out of Beta it meant for some reason they’re leaving it totally based on what you’re telling me, too bad they didn’t announce it like that then, I mean, honesty is a virtuous attribute indeed.

And as you said before, you’ll still play and yeah, me too and I think others too, just, it’s quite weird to just give up on a project like that and not informing about it, I mean there’s a playerbase at least EU noon and evening times and I guess they have some kind of moneyflow as well from the game itself.

Just that they said in dev post I referred to earlier that they’re focusing on the current issues with the servers making it their priority, so obviously you get the feeling that they’re back on doing features after it, but it’s good that you replied, you got obviously better insight and that’s appreciated when you share your knowledge, thanks!

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Avoiding by not repairing? i guess thats why its TDM

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When will SD confirm? Honestly, this forum seems to be the only voice stating the writing on the wall with such certainty.

The game IS dead without actual community tools and basic ability to run the game on other servers. If they provided map editor and allowed full customization on other servers it could very well live on with low player numbers. Did devs even watch the recent comp? Game is still plagued with bugs from 3+ years ago and chat is one big toxic joke about the state of the game. Whatever players were sent there from social media posts would have been turned off by the whole thing.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this point. No regrets but it really is a shame. Still enjoy the gunplay but even that is a challenge with all the bugs and server issues at the moment.

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As defender you can avoid getting stuck in the EV by not getting too close to it. As attacker you can avoid warping around the EV by either not repairing while moving around a corner of the EV or by stopping to repair, moving a step away and then around the corner and finally a step forward and continuing to repair.

It’s not ideal and I’d like it to be fixed but it doesn’t make me rage quit or write negative steam reviews. Things like stupid mercs or craptacular match making on the other hand do.

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You are used to all of these things, that’s why to you they seem to not have a huge impact.

There are an immense amount of players who legitmately think Dirty Bomb is yet another typical pay-to-win shooter despite the devs’ efforts to redeem that, one of the reasons for this is that it’s not a simple game; you can’t pick it up whenever you like and expect to do well without a lot of practice. Another reason is that a certain content creator on youtube was spreading misinformation in the past, and last but not least, the fact that skins are tied to the functionality of a loadout card.

Another aspect I forgot to touch on in my last post is the underlying ui system used. They improved its performance a fair amount, but it’s still not as crisp and quick as you are accustomed to in other games. This leads to them having to adjust their designs to accommodate for this problem, and as a result we end up with a partially confusing ui. If that were not enough to deal with, I’m convinced the loadout card system also plays a factor here, and furthermore interferes with their plans.

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I just checked the classic video from back then again, and the highest voted comment reads:

damn i remember that this was the video that made me unsub lol

My thoughts exactly :smiley:

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Well SD copied systems that are in use in pretty much every AAA shooters nowadays, and was taken from the free to play universe, but mostly in P2W games. So most people did a bad assumption. This was the biggest mistake they did with the business model. Separating the gameplay element (the loadout) from the fancy stuff would have easily solved this issue in my view, but, well, we all know how this ends up.

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The most chocking part for me is the lacks of anticipation. A serious company would find a new community manager BEFORE he leaves. Same reasoning about FaceIt rewards, they were supposed to think about them BEFORE the release. Most problems about DB looks to come from the fact SD is totally dysfunctioning.

DB should be a technology showcase for SD. Instead of this it’s a showcase of their incompetence.

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It is strange that they find themselves without a community manager for a month. We don’t really know the reason why shoe is no longer with SD. In case it was his decision, it could have come as a surprise to SD. If he was fired, it would be pretty sad if they were already publically looking for his replacement.

I’m more surprised that they couldn’t temporarily assign anyone to the position. It does make it feel like SD abandoned the game after the 1.0 release because “they wouldn’t need a community manager until announcing their next game”.


For DB I guess it wouldn’t really matter since it’s been running so long, but for other games having a temporary CM and then switching it a few weeks later might feel a bit weird, especially on a new release. A lot of companies like to have a face associated with their games, like Todd Howard for Bethesda and Blizzard and whoever the guy’s name is, it’s better not to switch that up just as people are getting used to them.
So it’s understandable SD would wanna wait and choose the right person for this job

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I wrote a pretty long reply but at some point I realized I don’t really feel like SD did a bad job communicating with the community. They still released regular updates, even though they were repetitive (trying to fix server issues), just no videos.

The only thing I wish SD would tell us is what their plans are with the game. I have a feeling that such information has to come from SD’s management and that the people directly involved with DB might not know or might not be allowed to communicate about that.

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Don’t read into that too far. Would you want to be Dirty Bomb’s CM? If you asked me, “fffffffffuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk nnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

I’d even rather be that Jeb Kaplan guy ( OW CM ) than Shoe’s replacement and look at that guy. Don’t know which is fading faster, his hairline or his desire to live. That guy got some dead fish eyes going on. Don’t let lack of CM be a hold up. Game on.

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I think they need steam workshop support so people can upload maps long after the game is dead.

They need servers outside multiplay ecosystem, too.

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could be a partial answer

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“[…] the performance of Dirty Bomb at the end of 2018 […]”

Well, without any Special Edition Event or maps or anything, we all know the result…


Hold up, TV and film rights? And someone actually bought it?
If done right, a dirty bomb TV series might be pretty good actually. There’s a lot of potential lore that’s never really explained in the games and a lot of really cool characters, so I have to say, I wouldn’t mind watching that