What happened to the Dev Videos after 1.0?

(kittz0r) #81

I could imagine that the Style would be similar to the Division Movies, it would certainly look appealing. It’s interesting to see that People pay quite some Money for the Rights tho.

The report and what the Devs told us doesn’t seem to correlate.

(Belica) #82

no thanks for that, how can u move into sequel if u even didn’t succeeded on the 1st one, its like a stupid idea ever, sadly i think the game is to late to revive :rofl:

(Teflon Love) #83

Yeah, Dirty Bomb 2.0 coming in 2019 Q4! :wink:

Edit: added wink smiley.

(Nail) #84

silly children, DB 2 has NEVER been mentioned, the game they’re talking about is likely GoW:Tactics


Dirty Bomb 2: Electric Boogaloo - Battle Royale edition

(Floris) #86

I’m not sure if they would describe Gears Tactics as “the Company’s next title”, I think they are also working on Gears V and the Wargaming project. I think an earlier report by Leyou talked about a third person survival horror game being made by SD, which was supposed to “start generating revenue” this year, that could also be it (delayed, of course).

(Nail) #87

their Gears project is Tactics, they announced it earlier

(Floris) #88

I know that, I mean that SD is working on more than just Gears Tactics (e.g. from Leyou’s 2018 interim report “As of 30 June 2018, the Group had a number of backlog orders for work-for-hire, such orders will continue to bring fixed milestone income, and certain orders contain profit-sharing provisions that may potentially deliver more revenue in the future. Among these orders, a turn-based tactics game developed for Microsoft in the Gears of War universe titled Gears: Tactics, and further co-development work on the Gears of War franchise with the highly anticipated GEARS 5, were revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018.”)

In that quote “the Group” refers to Leyou as a whole, but considering SD’s other involvements with GoW I assume them to be co-developing Gears V as well.

(DarkangelUK) #89

Will be interesting to see what SD come up with away from the class based objective fps, apart from mobile games and their work-for-hire stuff it’s the only games they’ve released so far, looking forward to seeing what their next IP brings to the table.

(Floris) #90

Yeah, I’m looking forward to them announcing their next project as well. Even a third-person survival horror game might be fun to play, knowing how much fun I had on silly stuff like CS Zombie Mod (does that count as a survival game though?). Also I’m looking forward to hearing about the Wargaming project, as I hope it is a spiritual successor to ET:QW.

(Ptiloui) #91

Well, your desire should become true in a close future : http://www.files.services/files/359/2017/0915/20170915170002_79513958_en.pdf

“Apart from that, Splash Damage Group is developing several new games. It is worth noting that, a third-person survival horror shooter game masterpiece is in the preliminary development stage and is expected to start generating revenue in as early as 2018.”

They seem to be late though.

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DB zombies confirmed?

(DarkangelUK) #93

Im sure he based his comment from that announcement :stuck_out_tongue:

I took that whole announcement with a pinch of salt, the genre of the game and the expected release… im convinced its a My Little Pony game

(Meerkats) #94

Wew lads, already a masterpiece.

What a load of shit.

(Floris) #95

It’s coming from the financial reports of SD’s parent company, who will exaggerate to please investors. I bet the guy who wrote that did not even play the game yet…

No, I used my expertise and knowledge of the whole gaming industry and SD to make a prediction about what game they would develop next :stuck_out_tongue: /s

Dirty Pony

Probably sneaked that into the deal Leyou made with Hasbro for the Transformers franchise.

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I need a Dirty Bomb TV series in my life.

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I want my money back from my Execution server lol. Reading these threads lately is sad, but hilarious…