Dirty Bomb Founders Skins.

(BioSnark) #61

Maaaan, I liked you more as champion of the consumer. Now that you don’t care about anyone else, it’s much less fun.

(biggyyyb) #62

maybe they will release a special ‘salt’ card just for you mate.

(thesuperchris) #63

I mean that it didn’t make me feel like my purchased was cheapened if other people got it later on, anything I have ever gotten as a pre-order bonus or “exclusive” was always offered later on, and I didn’t mind it at all. To rephrase it, if people were able to get it later on, it didn’t bother me. On top of that, I have yet to purchase a game that has content that is locked out, meaning you cannot get access to it whatsoever, not even making it purchasable, I think it’s probably because companies like to make money, and I’m sure the art team likes to see how many people liked their content enough to purchase it.

(thesuperchris) #64

Maybe they will release a “troll” card for you.

(thesuperchris) #65

I think you just got here so let me get you up to speed, the developers are not going to re release this content, so I will no longer be supporting them, so there is no next time. Even if they release skins for all the mercs and are better than the ones that the founders pack owners purchased, I still will not support them, I do not agree with companies locking out content.

(Volcano) #66

give me skins that i cant even see so i can be a special snowflake

(thesuperchris) #67

If that is a decision, then I will make it, if I want to be a special snowflake then so be it, it’s a win win, the devs get more support for the game and I get to feel like a badass. If you think selling skins is a stupid idea, maybe you should mosey on over to Dota 2 and see how dumb of an idea it is, they’ve helped fund tournaments, continue development of the game, etc. etc.

Don’t lie to yourself or me, if they were selling founders pack skins, you would buy one. If they were selling them for the same price as the merc you wanted, you would still buy it. I was watching Splash Damage’s stream and heard them say they are not going to put in a certain feature because it was going to take away development time of the game, so they posed this question, do you want us to work on this feature or do you want us to spend time on making the game better and add that feature down the road when it’s ready. I thought, if you released those skins, you’d do 0 extra work taken from the game, and gain so much benefit to it’s development with the extra funding that you did not have before. So if you guys want Dirty Bomb to be even better as a game, and have more maps, or other features that they could just not afford to do right now, then I don’t see why you guys think it’s such a bad idea. I’m sure the founders pack owners, who put in all that work and effort would like to see the game progress even more and even quicker.

(BioSnark) #68

wait wut?! why does he get exclusive content?

(thesuperchris) #69

Well, if they are releasing a “salt” card for me, they should release a “troll” card for him, I wouldn’t want him to feel left out now would I?

(biggyyyb) #70

I don’t always pay for founder access, but when I do, I sign up when it is available.

(thesuperchris) #71

I’m very happy for you, glad you were able to take advantage of that offer 2 and 1/2 years ago, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you find out about the founder pack offer, what outlet and how long was it available?

(Volcano) #72

“captures the magic of et” was enough for me to buy the vip pack some point in 2012, i think i heard about it through ET players i played with

(BioSnark) #73

Surely this is bs. You’re both getting different exclusive content so you will both be unhappy!

(thesuperchris) #74

well, unfortunately I didn’t know anyone that knew about this game to tell me through the grapevine, and it just makes even less sense that they are unwilling to release the content with that sort of excuse. Oh you didn’t hear about it? Too bad, a small group of people did, you should’ve been like them and had been lucky enough to hear about it somehow, someway, you missed out too bad.

(thesuperchris) #75

Oh no, I meant release a “troll” card in his likeness, and a “salt” card in my likeness, to everyone, so whenever you are feeling salty, or like a troll, you can equip it and piss people off, or show how pissed off you are.

(thesuperchris) #76

It honestly feels like a big middle finger in my face, and I won’t stand for that sort of warped view on why it isn’t being released. It’s unacceptable, inexcusable, and irresponsible to do that to people, especially if you want their support for your product.

(Volcano) #77


(thesuperchris) #78

I don’t think you are allowed to post copyrighted material in the forums. That is a full length song, not a snippet, and I wonder if the proprietors of this material would be okay with you streaming their media on this site without their permission, and not leaving it on youtube where they have given them permission.

(BioSnark) #79

Youtube has disable embedding option.

(DarkangelUK) #80

This must be a troll/parody account surely, someone can’t actually be this stupid and not understand what ‘exclusive’ means? Not only that, but also siding with asshole companies that provide ‘exclusive’ content then release to everyone later on which is a complete dick move. Ah the internet, challenging the boundaries of human stupidity.

Exclusive - restricted to the person, group, or area concerned.