Dirty Bomb Founders Skins.

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Hi, my name is Chris. I have made a lengthy post on the Dirty Bomb forums about this particular subject that I am very passionate about.

I heard about Dirty Bomb a while back, I got a key to get into the closed Beta and loved every minute of it mainly because it reminded me so much of Brink, which I bought the special edition for. Back then the game wasn’t very popular and pretty quickly died out. I signed up for the newsletter in hopes that Brink 2 would one day come, and found out later on in the year that it would not.

A new game comes along, Dirty Bomb, and I found out that Splash Damage was behind it’s development which made me extremely happy. After entering into a match one day, I noticed someone had a Beta Fighter card with a unique loadout. And I wasn’t too upset at the moment because I thought that since I got a key for beta access from someone who was invited to it that I didn’t qualify. So I searched google for this loadout card and came across the “Founders” pack skins. I scowered the internet to find some way to purchase into the founders program and was disheartened to find that it was no longer purchasable and no longer accessable. Now I’m not asking for an obsidian card, or a founders status. I’m creating this post to ask if the founders skins will ever be marketed or attainable by those of us who signed up for the newsletter via Splash Damage, and just didn’t receive notification that this game was in development.

I wouldn’t mind paying the full price that the founders pack was advertised as without the $50 dollar discount. I would’ve totally felt comfortable buying into the founders program had I known about it as I thoroughly enjoy the games that Splash Damage makes. I also don’t feel that those of us who have supported Splash Damage in the past to miss out on skins we never knew existed for a game we didn’t have access to via the media coverage, or newsletter notification.

I’m only asking for the skins to be marketed, and I do not mind at all purchasing them as a “default” loadout card, meaning no augments, and no special card texts or cardback. Please I implore you to make these skins accessible again for those of us who missed out on them by simply not knowing about this game.

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saw the live stream, saw you aren’t going to release it, you guys as a dev. team are some ****ing assholes, can’t believe i bought your broken **** up of a game, and i will never support you vulture ass dev’s in the future, thank you and good ****ing riddance to you.

(light_sh4v0r) #3

good riddance

Likewise .

(BioSnark) #4

is this a joke account or?

(Nail) #5

some little butthurt POS from Nexon forums whining about not having Founders Obsidians, lol, he was warned

(Runeforce) #6

Wait, so SD are ‘vulture ass devs’ for NOT letting you buy something you desire?

(NoSoup4U) #7

LOL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FONN-0uoTHI

(thesuperchris) #8

I guess vultures wasn’t the right term, I was a little upset about this lockout of content mainly because I think the character models in the game are lackluster at best. The founders skins are just better in many ways, and after wasting money on Brink, and receiving no notification about this game, I feel like I was cheated out of the content. Yeah there are some people who took advantage of the opportunity and yes I understand that this is somehow my fault even though I wasn’t glued to Splash Damage’s website to see upcoming projects, but to me I feel like I spent just as much money as those founders and I can’t even get a chance to have the option to buy into it or not. I didn’t even hear about this game until the ending of closed beta, so honestly I blame their marketing department and just a lack of information out there about the game.

No need to tell me I missed out, I’m not deserving of the content, and so forth. I’m not going to get a chance to get it and that’s their loss. I won’t be getting the content, but they wont be getting the money either, so whatever. I am a bit pissed off, as that is pretty obvious. I’ve even bought Fragger and Sawbones and I know I can’t get a refund to feel good about walking away from this title, so I guess I’ll just keep an eye out for when there is more content like that in the future, which I doubt will be anytime soon.

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yeah, go **** yourself

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light_sh4v0r and who in the distant **** cares about what you have to say about anything, on any subject?

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@nail yeah i was warned, and i replied after thoroughly reading the warning message. So I guess you could say I didn’t really care now could’t you.

(Runeforce) #12

Yeah, and now they are letting you play their game at no charge. Those ****ing money grabbing bastards!

(Nail) #13

HEY !!!
I won the bet

cool :flamethrower:

(thesuperchris) #14

Good for you, but it wasn’t your decision like I said, it was Splash Damages narrow mindedness and stubborness that did.

(thesuperchris) #15

Yeah, it’s just riddled with microtransactions worthy of working under the umbrella of Nexon.

(light_sh4v0r) #16

I was merely pointing out that you missed your chance at a good first impression. I don’t see how that kind of behaviour is beneficial to this community, I hope you will agree.

(Nail) #17

LOL, I meant warned about coming here to whine, now I see you got warned then banned for lipping off to a moderator in the Nexon forums, that’s funny

(Fluffy_gIMp) #18

Woah there fellah! Yes it is true the founders cards will not be available again, very sorry that you missed the opportunity.
Maybe in the future if and when we add trading to the game, you might be able to convince someone to part with their versions.

By the sounds of things you were still lucky enough to get a beta fighter Obsidian card, which very few players have.

There will no doubt be similar skins/models made in the future for mercs so keep an eye out.

(thesuperchris) #19

Don’t bother me with your sorry, what’s your sorry going to do? I’m sure it’s some PR response you have sticky-ed on your cork board anyway. I don’t want to hear about any of your future endeavors, or what you will be releasing, I’m not wasting any more money on your company just to have the game shut down within the year, so at least by doing this you’ve saved me from yet another regrettable purchase. Think about it real hard, when something like F4 comes out, where will your player base be? Gone! I hope you will have much just enough money to scrape by and make another mobile game. Good luck on your future endeavors you are surely going to need it.

(thesuperchris) #20

I didn’t come here to whine, I came here to plead my case, it fell on deaf ears. Same stupid response you get from every company that doesn’t give an ounce of a **** about how you feel even though you, the consumer, are directly responsible for it’s success. I bet if everyone boycotted their ****ing ass they’d come up off their high horse and release it again. But that is a bit excessive and unreasonable approach, so I will do the next best thing and vote with my wallet.

And what the **** is this lipping off **** you’re talking about. I responded to the moderators warning by telling him to shove it up his ass! It’s not like he stuck me in a corner for being rude to my elders or some **** like that. I don’t plan on coming to this or the other forum anytime in the future.