Dirty Bomb Founders Skins.

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I hope this thread doesn’t die anytime soon. It is delightful. Please continue.

edit: I found your gem on the nexon forum. I am a fan of your work. Don’t leave.

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aww. and I was gonna say we should back off on the lil feller, but now, not so much

thing is, he wants SD to break their word and give out Founder’s exclusives thereby destroying the trust they’ve built up for over 10 years because he bought a copy of Brink and thinks he’s owed, I think he’s owed a shiny string of red stars

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@superchris, dont worry there will be another bunch of cool skins in future

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Yeah but lets be honest, they won’t be as cool as the Founders skins

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To be clear for a final time, we will not be breaking our word to our supporters by re-releasing time-limited founders content.
They supported us all through the early years of alpha development, helping build and test the game we all play today with months of play time and over 50,000 posts of feedback.

As for Brink, you may not understand or know this, but Brink was published by Bethesda who own it and are in control of the mailing list.
So they would not ever email you about a competing game from another company.

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The best things in life are free.

In a way I really appreciate your thread. Makes those of us with founders skins feel even more special. Thank you kindly! :slight_smile:

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Well thank you Captain ****ING obvious! Ohhh ohhh let me guess what those dumps of 50,000 posts of feed back were, HEY NERF THIS, HEY FIX YOUR ****ING GAME, HEY IT CRASHES ALL THE TIME FIX THIS POS, CANT BELIEVE I SPENT MONEY ON THIS! Maybe 1% actually sent you something useful… make it .5%

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Breaking your word to the founders owners give me a ****ing break! They were at the right place and the right time to throw money at you for an incentive, you act like you have some kind of blood pact with them or some ****.

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I really wish some mod with some sort of standards would close this thread, I have nothing more to say on this subject. You lock out content, I don’t support your game, simple as that, sucks that I already spent money for mercs to I guess help in the small way I could, but the only thing as a consumer I can do to combat what I feel is wrong is by voting with my wallet. That’s exactly what I will do.

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I think most people are rather amused by your childish behavior and getting a good laugh!
Been one of the funniest reads I seen in a long time!


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I guess your welcome then?

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how many of the skins do you own? just curious. and how did you even hear about the alpha or marketing for this game?

(meat) #33

I have them all, and use them frequently. I have 6 obsidian cards total.
I just stumbled across the game can’t remember how that was 2 1/2 years ago.

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Well I have a cake pact with them :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=badman;442577]It appears Raviolay made good on his threat to feed us cake. Most well-executed threat ever.

Big huge thanks from the team, Raviolay! Please accept a place on our List of Awesome People in return.

We will of course continue to weigh everyone’s feedback and suggestions equally. Erm.[/QUOTE]

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If you’re actually leaving then I will be sad, but thanks for dropping by. This thread is beautiful.

Also, as I’m sure we can all agree, founder’s sawbonez sure is sexy, right? Definitely outweighs his lack of crotzni. Too bad he’s into dirty hipsters :3

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I know it doesn’t matter in any way, and this is just purely a fictional scenario, would you feel that your purchase was cheapened if they let’s say re-released the skins without the cardback or text associated with the founders pack. Like I would have the skin but it would be a default loadout card, no augments, and the default weapons, maybe not even the special orange and drab green camo, just the basic colors of the default loadout cards and camo? Would you feel okay if other people experienced this content seeing is how much enjoyment you get out of it? I’m not going anywhere with this or trying to make you feel bad that others don’t have it, I am looking for a genuine answer.

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That’s what I’m upset about I guess, I mean to some people it’s cosmetic, and it’s not a big deal. But for people like me, I have been on the forums of activision asking for character customization since MW2, when I saw Brink I was just like, oh hell yeah this is my kind of game! I feel like you should have the ability to make your own character or at least be able to choose from a variety of skins even if it’s just 2 or 3. Yes Sawbonez looks just above and beyond better than the default Sawbonez, all of the founders skins look better than their counterparts. I just wish they would have put that kind of love and attention into the vanilla characters. For instance, a big pet peeve of mine is when first person perspectives don’t match up to the 3rd person POV. I for a long time bickered at COD for not matching up the hands with the gun models example, if i have a grip on my weapon, the character should display that he is holding the weapon by the grip, and they never did that, sure you would see the grip on the gun but it would clip through his hands. I’m sure they will release more skins later, but I don’t want some fancy cardback that mimics the vanilla loadouts, such as these alienware skins that are basically the bronze camo’s on a different cardback.

I don’t want to leave either as I thoroughly enjoy this game, but I just cannot in good faith continue to play based on a companies decision to lock out content. I don’t agree with it and I don’t see the validity in segregating your players in a way that makes them feel inferior. You will never ever ever have this content and that just doesn’t sit right with me. Imagine if they had this as a weapon model instead, like all the founders owners have a option of choosing a burst fire FAMAS in their loadout instead of the BR that looks pretty much identical to the M4. Skyhammers 3rd person modeled gloves don’t match up to his first person gloves, and neither does Bushwackers, to me that a tad bit lazy and a tiny pet peeve of mine. But that’s just me.

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As a more serious response, doesn’t pretty much every multiplayer game nowadays have preorder cosmetics to get people to buy in before they know if the product is any good? You probably have a fairly small pool of multiplayer games you can play, given your stance on this. Brink had preorder cosmetics.

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Actually I was invited, felt good man, felt good :slight_smile:

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Yeah but the big difference is you know about those game well before purchase, and you can do a fair bit of research beforehand if your so inclined. My gripe with this game is that I only knew about it about a week or so before the closed beta was shut down, so basically there was no way to know about this incentive if you weren’t already in the know about it. I watched Brink closely before it was even announcing a special edition and knew it was a game I would enjoy, so therefore I bought the preorder bonus as well as the special edition copy. I really enjoyed that game and would still be playing if it had a playerbase.

This game wasn’t advertised on steam as at least once a week I check the free to play section as well as the coming soon subcategory of that section, this game came out of left field for me, and if I hadn’t seen someone with a beta fighter loadout card which doesn’t even have the founders skins, I would never have even known these skins existed. This game wasn’t announced it pre-alpha in any major outlet that I’m followed to, mmohuts, ign, and even rev3games back when it was still around. So why they feel the need to lock out this content just because they said it was exclusive is beyond me. If they released these skins just before going full release and that was the absolute last time to get them, I could see why they would take this stance on the matter. But to say that you didn’t purchase it even though only a small pool of people knew about it and even smaller got into the actual alpha of the game, just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.

There are other games that have preorder bonuses, but at some point they make it available to those that couldn’t take advantage of it, either because they didn’t have the money at the time, or just didn’t feel comfortable purchasing a game based on cosmetic rewards soley. I mean I bought into Brink and had I known beforehand that it’s life span would have been so short, I think I still would’ve made that purchase because I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had with it. I understand the mentality of we are many, you are but one, but I bet if 500, or 1000, or hell everyone but the founders still played this game because people do not want to support a company based off of locking out content to the people who are supporting it now they would change their tune! I’m not trying to threaten that it should happen, but I’m sure I am the first to bring this up, and soon there might be another, then another, and another. The vanilla content is lackluster at best. I’m sorry to say something like that, but in my opinion it’s just far less in quality than the other option. So why force people to do that, it’s not some creed, them standing behind this “it’s our word and we’re keeping it” is just a slap in the face to those who didn’t get to take advantage for a legitimate reason. What if 5,000 players said you know what I would’ve loved to have purchased this at the time but I just didn’t have the money to do so, so rather than reward me for continuing to support the game in the way I could, example purchasing mercs in the game, as well as booster, I would like just one chance to get those skins, even if they don’t come with the bells and whistles of the founders pack. Their response? Nope, sorry you had to pay your bills or put gas in your car, this pack was for those truly loyal fans… who also had money to burn at the time. That is just unacceptable to me for someone to act in that mannor. I understand people may think I am childish for requesting this, but I can also in turn say it is childish for these dev’s to say, nah nah nuh boo boo stick your head in doo doo we got the shiny pack of pokemon cards cuz my mom works at a funimation factory and they only gave these out to their employees and you can NEVER EVER hope to get them!