Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2 - any chances?

(JereManU) #1


I would like to ask Splash Damage if there are any chances to see Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2, remake or whatever? RTCW goes on with new Wolfenstein, but ET is still not continued, however it has great potential. Over the years ET was played so much, being one of most popular multiplayer fps, just behind CS, for example. CS goes with CS:S and it sells better than great.

Then what about ET continuation or remake? It would be really great opportunity to make money on solid brand, which was a huge success and it is still popular (after so many years!).

I think this really should be considered.


(daz2007) #2

I Believe ID Software are in talks of a possible Reboot of the Wolfenstein Franchise for the near or distant future.

“We have Quake; we have Wolfenstein. If people want that, we have the IPs to deliver it. And we have a different approach now; we’re forging a new path. I think we can freshen those things up…we don’t have anything in the works right now but I think when we start talking about different things we can do with the other properties that we have I hope people are receptive to what we want to do and what we think would be fun for players to experience coming out of id Software.

(Nail) #3

port W:ET to 360 and PS3 with dedicated servers

(SphereCow) #4


W:ET 2 with vastly updated idtech 3 engine. Omg ;_;

(fluffyanimals) #5

I’ve started playing W:ET again simply because it’s still a great game and easily one of my favorite games of all time. I enjoy Brink but everytime I play Brink it reminds me of what a sub-par version of W:ET it is and then I wonder “Why aren’t I just playing W:ET instead right now?”

I’ve been waiting for an updated version of W:ET for years and would LOVE to see a new version of it to get a serious, large comp scene going on it again. Brink is fine and what not but it’s nowhere near W:ET at its core and although comp is enjoyable on it if people still did RTCW comp or W:ET comp I’d play it in a heartbeat over the current options I have available in terms of comp games.

(Nail) #6

people still play W:ET comp, Tosspot and crew are still at whinefire

(Nail) #7

I think working a little magic on the graphics and basic smart kind of climbing (no wall hop stuff) and getting it on consoles with dedicated servers would rock, custom maps could be available, no hackers (well maybe)
Imagine 64 slot xbox servers, it would kill the kids, implement a modified xp save (ya gotta now)
make it $20 download and publish it themselves. Sounds like fun to me

(JereManU) #8

Well, yeah, the second version of ET could be easily ported to X360 and PS3, which means more money to get.

Anyway, better graphics with same great gameplay, realistic WWII scenery, remake of old maps + some new, weapons, much config to edit by server admins, just don’t do it like newest BF or COD and stay on the way which ET was following and it should be the best fps ever. No doubt about that.

(Indloon) #9

You guys think that SD or ID says that they work on ET2?:slight_smile:

(Nail) #10

nah, just passing time, wishful thinking more

(AKASneaky) #11

While i agree W:ET2 or RTCW2 would rock if it’s done properly and feels like the first one. I totally disagree about the console part, it would just gimp the game completely and they’ll change everything that made the first game so great and popular and turn it into a messed up port for idiots (Remember Wolfenstein).

they killed it, it’s over.

(JereManU) #12

Don’t say so. Newest Wolfenstein has been sold really bad, so I hope they will draw conclusions and change the way to that which ET and RTCW was following.

(Backdraft11) #13

Release W:ET Live like Quake Live. Profit.

(PowerWing) #14

or a graphic overhaul from the first W:ET I doubt the public recognizes the difference :slight_smile:

(Pegazus) #15

If this is true then they better find some innovative people from Enemy Territory community this time instead of letting egghead “scientists” do the job again… What a mess they made.

(stealth6) #16

I don’t think a W:ET2 would be successful. Well not how most people imagine it anyway.

Now we have Brink which is pretty much W:ET with some upgrades and improvements. Now all we need is a SDK :slight_smile:

(Slade05) #17

Are you sure QL gives any profit at all?

(matsy) #18

I was really disapointed with Wolfenstein. I really thought it had potential but no support killed the game off!

(JereManU) #19

It still has potential, but if it will be done by right people and just rightly.

(king_troll) #20

raven needs to stop making games