Wolf: MP

(KeMoN) #361

I’m very glad to see you back in action again! I’ve always been a fan of this mod and the teasers you shared.
Thank you for the invite to ‘Slack’ and I hope I can be of some help.

All the best to everyone involved!

(.Chris.) #362

Also worth noting I’ve come out of hibernation too. The battery map is getting ever closer to completion, just need a final push and some nice prop models. To save having to go back through the thread here’s what’s been done with mapping on the project so far:

(BackSnip3) #363

Looking really nice Chris!

(KeMoN) #364

Coming along nicely! I especially like this one. Are you going to open the back area or is it just to give further impression of the map being more open?

(.Chris.) #365

Thanks! Will just give impression the map is bigger. I don’t think the map would gain anything from having more accessible areas around the back entrance. Was thinking of adding AA guns on the “roof” of the bunker to give the feeling of it being a bigger coastal base, kind of like in your Pointe du Hoc map. Would be purely for show and make the command map bit more varied but we’d be able to re-use the assets in other maps.

(Runeforce) #366

Any chance of we will see a pr. map release? I.e. a non-monolithic/non-waterfall release of content? Because that map sure looks sweeet and I know a couple of people that would REALLY LIKE to play it, sooner, rather then never!

EDIT: I don’t suppose you guys have a public github, or something, for the project?

(BackSnip3) #367

We have a public GitHub, but it’s only for the source code. The assets are stored on my OneDrive for now. When we have something to release, it will be announced :slight_smile:
I hope Battery can be released in some alpha stage soon. Chris has done amazing work on it!

(light_sh4v0r) #368

Very nice, keep at it guys :slight_smile:

(.Chris.) #369

Making progress on the lighthouse:

(KeMoN) #370

Looks good.
I also like that you are adding more bunkers to give the level more depth (right hill on allied beach spawn)

(danilov3d) #371

Hello friends! Tell me how to play the game Ragdoll? Tell me in what file you can disable idle animation medic? Prompt anything realties?

(.Chris.) #372

Ever wondered what the gun in Battery was shooting at?

(BackSnip3) #373

It is not that easy. You need to modify source code to create ragdoll when player dies. I haven’t done it yet. You can however spawn some random ragdolls in the map.

(danilov3d) #374

Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately I do not understand this, I do 3d graphics. And probably do it for one person is not an easy task, but the addition of only the physics of bodies would greatly impact on the game, this is what it lacks, I do not understand why the developers refused from it. You do not want to make a separate mod QWET only the addition of physics? I apologize that I use a translator.

(BackSnip3) #375

Well so do I (3D modeling). I have a bit of C++ knowledge, but not really enough for a big codebase like ETQW.
ETQW contains a lot of broken physics code, I guess they just didn’t have enough time to make all of the code.

It is possible to bring back physics in ETQW, most code is there and needs fixing! Dusk mod added droppable weapon items so it is definitely possible!

(MattiGB) #376

I love your work! When it will be playable for testers? :smiley:

(BackSnip3) #377

The Battery map will soon be in a playable state. For now it will work with vanilla ETQW without any new mod features. We’ll come back here to bring the good news! For the rest of the features, there hasn’t been much progress because I’ve been very busy with university homework the past month, and I will be even more busy this month! So we’re not promising any mod alpha or whatever any time soon. We haven’t decided yet on milestones and/or deadlines, that will happen in early June. Sorry guys!

(.Chris.) #378

A sneak peak to the theme of our first original map, currently we are using placeholder textures to test out the theme, hopefully we can get some better quality textures for the end product, anywhere here it goes:

A lot of detail is yet to be added but hopefully this gives you some idea of what’s in store, details of the battery test map will be coming in a few weeks.

(light_sh4v0r) #379

Exciting :slight_smile:

(BackSnip3) #380

We’re getting inspiration from the nice “Wulfsburg” map from the last Wolfenstein game (The Old Blood). We’re aiming at making some real eye candy for you folks!
Battery map will be released for testing in a few weeks, we’ll keep you posted