Wolf: MP

(Pegazus) #301

Hello and welcome back to another update of Wolf: MP.

A soldier is the main driving force of any army so it’s no wonder that one of our first goals was to replace the GDF Soldier and the Strogg Oppressor with their new counterparts. The Strogg section has been replaced for the Axis powers and the GDF section for the Allied powers.

It comes as no surprise that every soldier needs a great arsenal of weapons; that is why we have made the MP40 even better than it was before. Also work on the Allied weapon M1 Garand has not stopped either as it is in its finishing stages. And the Axis powers should not worry because they will be soon supplied with brand new hand grenades.

Lastly, we have gone through great troubles to start work on editing the ingame texts to make them more accurate and better for the future players of Wolf: MP.

That’s it for today, hopefully this little information story made you more up-to-date on the whole situation. We will supply you with pictures soon so keep coming back for more news.

(Mateos) #302

Seems very similar to your blog page:

But for people not visiting it, thanks for keeping them up to date :slight_smile:

(Pegazus) #303

Traffic is not so great on the blog site so we thought it might be better to use the forum to bring updates aswell. This does not mean that we will forget about the blog. Hopefully we will have some photos up on the blog by the end of the day. :slight_smile:

(Mateos) #304

Nice, thanks :slight_smile:

(BackSnip3) #305

A few pics, here in french, of the new limbo text.

(light_sh4v0r) #306

Cool !

(Indloon) #307

Looks sweet, but are there chances in QW SDK to edit UI?

Doom 3 had this feature, but does it also have?

(BackSnip3) #308

There are probably, there are .gui files that you can change to your likes. Would need help to implement a scroll bar for weapon selection. :slight_smile:

(Donnovan) #309

Pro Work!

The models seens amazing. Even the MP40 icon on limbo menu seens awesome! How can suck small icon image be so cool!!?


(Snotling) #310

Wow great work here, keep going, it looks really good! :slight_smile:

(FFSturm) #311

well done xD

(.Chris.) #312

[QUOTE=Indloon;399231]Looks sweet, but are there chances in QW SDK to edit UI?

Doom 3 had this feature, but does it also have?[/QUOTE]

Have to edit with text editor, don’t know what D3 had, either way it’s bloody pain to alter, took me ages to change UI for one of my maps only to find out it doesn’t work with mods lol.

(SebaSOFT) #313

I altered some ui files for Consite (hack and transmit objectives) Is pretty weird but possible…

(Dashiva) #314

Hey guys, I’ve been doing some work on OpenWolf with Dushan, we could use some working MD5 models to mess with, he’s gotten MD5 code working in OpenWolf but we don’t have any to actually test the game with. Was wondering if you might be able to share some of your character models/animations for testing purposes.

(BackSnip3) #315

He’s been asking me, told him to use the (q3)xReal .md5 models. There’s no point giving our models, it would just make our mod useless. Cya :slight_smile:

(Gir) #316

I’m working on Wolf3D SP in Doom 3 and i am thinking of migrating it to OpenWolf and we have
one MD5 Already. I would need to ask first if we could test it.


(taw_m0nsta) #317

@ Gir wrong forum topic?

(Vividor) #318


For BlackSnip3 first of all good luck with these project.

I see you constantly requesting for help.

Please visit http://www.crossfire.nu and make a journal there, is the active community of ET (land of trolls I must say but you may find someone interested in helping you).

There were a few projects similar to yours for reviving ET so there must be a bunch of good coders there.

I just wanted to make clear some points I have read here from other guys.

I have played ET for years, both pub and competition on a decent level.

  • Most ET players completely dislike Quake Wars, it was a minority that even tried the game and most came back in a few days.

  • Most ET players came from RTCW which was a great game, just a minority (again) stayed in RTCW for whatever reasons.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is by far the most succesfull and followed game, even nowadays so comparing it to the failure of ET Quake Wars made my day.

However if the game is good no doubt ill be reinstalling Quake Wars to play this mod but please remember that ETQW big failure was simply that it wasn’t Enemy Territory, the same as Brink and other failures of this company.

Good Luck

(Mateos) #319

Registered to tell these games are failures?


(Vividor) #320

registered to tell this guy where to find an active community for this mod.

Do I really need to tell you why ETQW was a failure? you can ask me or the other 10000 active ET players.