Wolf: MP

(d3Xter) #221

I hope very much the mod gets final

RtCW dies since the master disaster :frowning:

I love RtCW about everything and want very much this that game gets reborn in ETQW :slight_smile:

(Infinitypl123) #222

I can’t wait to test it :smiley:

(Shownie) #223

MP40 is looking so awesome !!! :smiley:

(pazur) #224

Oh, wow… is this really coming out anytime soon?

(BackSnip3) #225

It’s not coming soon, but it will come sooner when I get help. ^^

Unfortunately I’ve got less free time this week-end to work on it, and exams and concerts are coming in June. So there will be inactivity at that time. Can’t tell for a first alpha but I’m not a coder and I guess changing teams requires quite some code. I’ll try but I NEED A CODER :slight_smile:

(BackSnip3) #226

Got the allied model in-game! Bigger screenshots later! :slight_smile:

Edit: check the mod blog for bigger images


(Donnovan) #227

Awesome! Its a very beautifull model! Seens amazing in game with shadows, light and stuff!

(FFSturm) #228

Looks actually “Good”.
I like it’s style. Just as a note, don’t forget to put unSmoothedTangents and noSelfShadow in the body material. Otherwise, it will look bad. (first pic, notice the back)… This also improves performance.

(At least in Doom III it does look bad, selfshadowing is crap on it… It would be fixed if a soft stencil shadow is in use, but etqw lacks of it, so… )
my 2 cents

Keep it up.

(Apples) #229

This looks just fine :slight_smile:

(.Chris.) #230

Minor feedback, the fabric, especially on the backpack, looks too smooth at the moment.

(sanDIOkan) #231

the model is stolen from wolfenstein . you just changed the clothes :I

(KeMoN) #232

Just because his model shows aswell an allied soldier doesn’t mean that it is stolen from wolfenstein. Following your logic we have to say that every game with an allied model stole it from wolfenstein which wouldn’t make sense, would it?
Besides ‘changing the clothes’ is actually creating a new model since you can’t just ‘undress’ a model and if you could what would it help you? You then have to create new clothes for the model so in other words a whole new model.

I’m not sure though if your post was ment ironically because this can’t just be honest. If so I apologize for my misunderstanding of your irony.

(Apples) #233

Still wondering why sandiOKan is still on these forum :? Or I have yet to see a positive post from him.

(FFSturm) #234

Reminds me of something I heard a long time ago, like I stole weapons like a tesla gun from Call of Duty 2 xD
This completely proves you have no ****in idea of what you are saying.
You can even see it Smooth shaded test screens somewhere, completely new material.

Btw, who is is newbie?

@KeMoN: Don’t even waste your time with ‘That thing’. The project has a good direction, something that, to be honest, lacks mine.

Anyway, I hope that I would be able to have a fully-working demo/game for christmas. (Just like a 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein, even in fact it is the 5th of may).

(BackSnip3) #235

sanDIOkan, this model has been shown a few steps of progress on this thread, with triangles/polycount overview etc… But you probably don’t know what a triangle is, so please do not talk about things you don’t know anything about, thanks.

The model is based on multiple things, the straps overall look is inspired of the ET ones, while for the collar I went to something similar as in Brothers In Arms 3. For the helmet googling photos helped. I also surf on some ww2 sites to find good references. So don’t say it’s stolen from ET, because ET is not of this level of detail, and wolf2009 has no allied model.

As said on the blog post, (I didn’t say that here, forgot to) the model has no simplified shadowvolume for the moment, that’s why it looks weird/ you can see black triangles quite everywhere. And I will not use unsmoothed tangents, no need to, the normalmap corrects the bad smoothing. I will add ammo pouches on him and do that shadowmodel maybe this week-end, will also reduce the helmet specularmap, didn’t meant it to be that bright.
Also Chris you’re right about the backpack, it’s just not finished yet, it doesn’t have a normalmap to correct the smoothing on it. Just wanted to drop some preview of the model ingame.
By the way we got Donnovan hired in the team. :smiley:

I also wonder if I could make a simplified collisionmodel for this player too (I see no reason why not) as I think the engine uses per-polygon detection for hit detection IIRC, so the game would run smoother with simplified models. If we could have blood decals like QWTA does, it would not make some crazy triangles because blood decal projection/deformation is too complex.

@FFSturm: It will be hard to have a solid thing by that time for us, hope the best for your mod, we still haven’t got any coder able to work on the project, some guys can’t run ETQW on their computers. ^^
Any help would be appreciated!

(light_sh4v0r) #236

Ah, now that explains why Donnovan was suddenly making Omaha beaches :smiley:

(.Chris.) #237

Pretty sure it’s hitboxes still but with some gradient system added on, per-polygon detection was used in Doom3 I think.

(FFSturm) #238

Even if this sounds ridiculous, I am already porting one of my maps to ETQW xD (ww2)
I prefer this radiant over Doom III one, but… not everything is to our liking.

@chris: yes, Doom III has full per-poly hit detection. I think that they changed it since “Quake 4” (It had hitboxes)

(SebaSOFT) #239

If @SplashDamage is doing WolfET 2, they better hurry, this is looking like could do the trick, congrats

(Donnovan) #240

I have new shotas! But can show just to boss! :c(