Wolf: MP

(KeMoN) #201

[QUOTE=Shownie;394934]Well, the reason I can pay for the game, is not for the original look of the game. See my point here? I play ET since I like the theme. So that makes sense I will buy ET:WQ if they will get the mod like Wolf:ET. Even if the game costs only 1 euro wouldn’t buy, since I don’t like the theme.

Period. :)[/QUOTE]
I do understand your point Shownie! I aswell think that WW2 theme is the best theme for a shooter. It just has a nicer atmosphere than those nuclear-meltdown games or simply modern-styled games.

(Shownie) #202

Yeap! Agree that WW2 has its own atmosphere. However I like games like Call of Duty 4, there are regular weapons and not to spicy. But when playing WW2 themed games I always have a good time. :slight_smile:

(light_sh4v0r) #203

Sure Shownie, my reply was more in response to KeMoN who said it was $30,- which it may be on Steam, but it’s cheaper everywhere else.

(Runeforce) #204

Argh, the reasons why you should not use historical main themes for shooters are all blatant obvious in this thread!

It limits your creative choices, as you feel bound to historical accuracy (which ulltimately in the end is lost anyway.)

And if you think historical WW2 (or other wars of the 20th century) shooters has a nice athmosphere and is fun to play, I would argue that something got seriously lost in translation!

And, yes, I do know we are talking about games, which should not be taken too seriously. But it should be taken seriously when it’s used to distort and romanticise the historical facts!

/rant over

With that out of the way, I wish you gentlemen all of luck on this project.
I might even give it a go someday :slight_smile:

(ischbinz) #205

nice to hear that there is a little progress -
unlucky et:qw is not so modding friendly as old et :S
i tried to convert a truck (my et gmc model) to et:qw - but its a horrible stuff - @ end i able to drive it around - but there was no cockpit (how in hell can you make this?!)
if someone can help me with that stuff - i offer you to convert my tiger tank to et:qw

p.s. hope its not so dead a other tries to bring et up to date :S

(BackSnip3) #206

Indeed, I’ll inspire myself of this mod to make it, hope it does not need hardcoded things but it probably does. :S

@Ischbinz: Please connect on msn this week-end in the evenings so we can try to work on it, not a good idea to use .obj and .ase models for vehicles, better use .md5meshes as the original quake wars vehicles. :slight_smile:
We’ll try to replace the existing tank with different models, it should not be too hard. :wink: Then we’ll try to make it as the mcp instead :stuck_out_tongue:
It would be a nice addition to the mod, as your model is very nice. Cya man :slight_smile:
[Offtopic: You could also try to export your star wars stuff to quake wars, it is way easier for player models! :wink: ]

(Violator) #207

I’ve yet to find a working script for Blender to export md5meshes (e.g. http://www.katsbits.com/tools/) - none of them seem to work or they’re for really old blender versions.

(BackSnip3) #208

Nope, the one for 2.59+ versions worked like a charm for me, but to import your need older scripts for 2.49 that supports md5mesh version 11, they’re somewhere on the forum. :slight_smile:

(Shownie) #209

@ lakersforce: I can understand your point there, WW2 is kinda limited. But imagine a WW2 based game with a bit of imagination. That would simply be awesome game? I mean, in ETFRAG we implemented a Turret/SentryGun. Even if it is futuristic modern or ww2 based, it is your imagination that is the limit.

@ Wolf MP: Finish this mod and I can promise you I am going to play it, just for the mod. If it all continues the way it does now, It can’t be bad, the models now are awesome, and the engine is great, make it like Wolf: ET and it is a win, maybe it can go even further, I mean, ET mods maybe will follow :slight_smile:


(taw_m0nsta) #210

I’ve made new tests to drop less bombs, because it couldn’t handle 10 bombs, and 5 bombs are enough to kill everything standing in the place. :)[/QUOTE]
Wait what? You can make that striker dropping boms or missiles in the map Brinkstar?

(BackSnip3) #211

What are you talking about??

I’ll try to upload some pic this week-end of a new allies playermodel that I’m working on. Hope you guys will like it, and hope I can soon make it ingame. :slight_smile:

(.Chris.) #212

He means can you fly the plane like the vampire jet used in the Brinstar map that Murka made.

(taw_m0nsta) #213

Yes indeed :smiley: The vampire jet works fine, but so far it doesn’t wear a cool weapon. Would be awesome if you could drop boms (like the vampire), with a 30 or 1 minut reload.

(.Chris.) #214

You can drop bombs with the vampire, just not in a version of the map released.

(muraqqi) #215

Hi, what art style will Wolf: MP use? Does it will be more realistic or have some Sci-fi elements like new Wolfenstein? Honestly i think if you add some sci-fi element or occult element, you guys can add some new gameplay elements or something that different.

Can’t wait for the allies player model

(taw_m0nsta) #216

(BackSnip3) #217

That’s how the buddy is looking atm. It’s much inspired by the original ET design, but it’s just the early first version of him, I’ll probably remake him at least 3 times as I’m never satisfied. :mad:

Got more free time this week-end so I hope to release more progress.

Keep modding folks,
Cheers :slight_smile:

(Azztec) #218

This looks so awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on this mod! Any ETA? :smiley:

(Shownie) #219

BackSnip3, you keep impress me with your models and passion for them. This early version looks really great and I can’t wait for the final.
It is almost clear that I will buy ET:QW so I can play this mod. My fingers are crossed for a alpha release any time soon :slight_smile:

(BackSnip3) #220


Don’t know yet, might try to make venom and tesla gun for the “occult” stuff. But we don’t plan it to be realistic about gameplay. Goal is to have the same player physics and gun accuracy as ET. With help of a coder we might also add more jump functions to mount up/over walls to smooth gameplay. There will probably be no panzerfaust but a panzerschreck/bazooka instead. There will also be more guns than ETmain (shotgun, BAR, MP44, (greasegun), GarandM1 without grenadelauncher for other classes…)

Edit: more pics