Wolf: MP

(-SSF-Sage) #181

Woow! Good to see the project back alive. There’s a lot of really nice things hidden in the project. Would be shame to waste it all. :slight_smile: Hope we’ll see a wicked alpha at some point. :wink:

(BackSnip3) #182

[QUOTE=Indloon;394228]Well,must wait for the summer,then I will buy hardcore PC!!
Em,I haven’t looked at the ET:QW SDK,but which language is it on,C++?[/QUOTE]
Good news! :slight_smile:
Yes it is in C++, and most required code is already in doom3 and was partially erased/unused in quake wars. :slight_smile:

@Sage: Thanks! Hope you can help Pegazus maybe to make the maps in a faster way? :slight_smile:


(-SSF-Sage) #183

Have quite much in my hand right now, except time. And I still want to work on the SP project… So we’ll see about the future. :wink:

(Dashiva) #184

Wow. Somehow I missed this. I’m actually working on doing this with UDK at the moment, it’s in the planning stages and I’ve been cramming myself full of UnrealScript for the past couple of weeks. That said I don’t really care what platform it’s on I’d just like to have a game, so if you need help I can give it a go.

Have you guys thought about targeting Doom3 instead now that it’s open-source? The reason I ask is that nobody plays Quake Wars any more (there are maybe 50 people on at any given time at the most) and it limits your potential audience if someone has to buy a dead game. Also some of the Doom3 mods have some of the graphical stuff you’re looking for…SSAO/HDR/Etc.

Either way if you need a level designer I have half a dozen level designs sitting around, and a subscription to a game assets website that’s good for prefabs.

(muraqqi) #185

I think i understand why they choose ETQW as the basis, but this is just from my analysis.

  1. They are familiar with ETQW’s mod tools
  2. Small community is easier to maintain and more constructive
  3. Gaming world nowadays believe in the power of word, so if Wolf MP can bring more fun and competitive gameplay than Wolf:ET, more people will try this mod, even though in lan party.
  4. About why not choose Doom 3, i think because they found the netcode in Doom 3 is not optimized enough to handle what they envisioned and will take more time to improve it. Maybe id soft will release ETQW source code when the time has come like Wolf:ET

For another advice for Wolf MP:

  1. Be more aggressive in term of promoting the mod, not just a blog or a thread in a forum, maybe moddb page or a web
  2. Make a survey or some of wishlist survey for Wolf:ET veteran, just to make sure that Wolf MP will have something that they want
  3. Weekly update in progress

(.Chris.) #186

[QUOTE=muraqqi;394515]For another advice for Wolf MP:

  1. Be more aggressive in term of promoting the mod, not just a blog or a thread in a forum, maybe moddb page or a web[/QUOTE]

This is downfall of many mods, they do what you suggested, getting people excited, giving high expectations, also whilst getting attention it will attract lots of flaming and such. At this moment in time its best for the mod to remain quiet until they have something substantial to show.


ET:QW already has teams, classes and objectives set up, it also has much better work flow for map creation then doom3 and udk combined (map references). The current player population is irrelevant in my opinion. I think quite a lot of people ET people have a copy knocking around even if they stopped playing years ago, as do many other players from other backgrounds. If the mod is of a good quality people will install the game again, a small minority may even pay the < £5 required to buy the game.

Also if the mod does go beyond these initial stages of development I hope they dont fall into the trap of making ET2. It’s an impossible task, make it ET style but not a 1:1 copy of ET, ET:QW did some nice things and other FPS games over the years of done good things also, borrowing elements from each yet retaining what made ET fun is all that is needed.

(BackSnip3) #187

There are a lot of reasons why we choose ET:QW instead of Doom3.
First is that most gameplay aspects are inside the game. In Doom3 everything has to be coded yourself to implement a class system for example, also the vehicle system is easier, someone might have to drive the tank, but it’s better than slow spline-paths crap.
Then the number of ET:QW copies sold is written on the bottom of the home page of this site, I can see: “1,657,125 ET: QUAKE Wars (PC) players”
I think if so many people got a copy of quake wars we won’t have any problem at finding players, we just need them to reinstall their game!" :wink:

The Quake Wars SDK is nicely made, providing a lot of things Doom3 hasn’t, like earth-style things (lol), and much other things as Chris already said.
Quake Wars is designed to create outside places, providing a STUFF system for grass, very nice atmospheric effects and efficient outdoor lighting with atmosphere declarations. There is also the megatexture system to create complex-looking terrain. Also Doom3 has a ridiculous amount of player animations and they look weird, while SD did a very nice job with animations, some of them are unused, like wall mounting or getting undercover at a wall like in the preview screenshots back in 2006/2007. We could use them. :slight_smile:

@ Dashiva: Doom3 may have those post-production effects but the performance is quite bad, compare it to wolf2009 which provides same effects but with ET:QW engine! Even Sikkpin told me that it would be much faster with Quake Wars which is more versatile. But he hasn’t time for it. :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, please PM me or Pegazus :slight_smile:

As Chris also said, it’s better not to be too agressive before we have a good alpha released and a complete “big” team working constantly.
The blog system and this thread is way enough at the moment. And most people on ModDB are mostly there to watch others creations not to help them anyway.

We have no intention of recreating ET as a perfect copy, we want something more of a mix of quake wars aspects and possibilities (like vehicles) and mostly ET aspects, which can only be a good mix, because these two games are epic. We want to mix the fun of ET with the fair aspect and teamplay of quake wars. :slight_smile:

(Infinitypl123) #188

Few months ago you were saing that there is a map designed to WolfMP. Do you have any screens of it?

(BackSnip3) #189

@Infinitypl123: Not heard of that or we haven’t had time to make it the past months, but one map is currently in progress just for mod testing. :slight_smile:
No screens yet sorry. :frowning:

(taw_m0nsta) #190

Looks cool gents. Always fun to see custom content. I wonder how many guys from the ET community will start to play ETQW because of this mod. Cool to see the death bodies jumping the floor. Guess it will look epic if you die mid-air from a building.

(sanDIOkan) #191

u will have the problem i got when i tried to mod etqw to make it similar to wolf
U wont be able to remove the stroggs

You are just wasting your time with this project

(Apples) #192

Cant help cuz I suck at coding or mapping or whatever, just to say good luck!

(light_sh4v0r) #193

[QUOTE=sanDIOkan;394889]u will have the problem i got when i tried to mod etqw to make it similar to wolf
U wont be able to remove the stroggs

You are just wasting your time with this project[/QUOTE]

Why would you not be able to remove the strogg? I don’t see why you couldn’t just replace every strogg artwork with axis artwork.

(taw_m0nsta) #194

[QUOTE=sanDIOkan;394889]u will have the problem i got when i tried to mod etqw to make it similar to wolf
U wont be able to remove the stroggs

You are just wasting your time with this project[/QUOTE]
KingTroll recently made a mod that replaced the Strogg for another GDF (including all tooltips/sayings/weapons/vehiclesetc). Some maps wont work anymore (like doing an objective with a flyerdrone) But, in theory it should be possible to play a few of the vanilla maps with Allies VS GDF, or simply Allies vs Axis.

(Shownie) #195

If the game is up to my expectations, I will buy the game for the mods cause! :slight_smile:

(Snotling) #196

ETQW really deserves to be played, even without the custom content it’s a great game! :wink:

(Shownie) #197

The game maybe is worth to be played, but to be fair, if I felt for it I would have bought long time ago. So for me it will be worth playing for the cause of the mod. That is what I feel for. I am not that big fan with humans vs aliens… well only game with that theme would be Halo… but thats the only game I can play on XBOX :cool:

(KeMoN) #198

I totally agree to that point. ~ 30$ is worth paying if we get an as nice mod as I suppose it to be concerning the screenshots/videos and talks with Back$n!p3.

(light_sh4v0r) #199

ETQW is like €5,- if you shop around, hardly an excuse :wink:

(Shownie) #200

Well, the reason I can pay for the game, is not for the original look of the game. See my point here? I play ET since I like the theme. So that makes sense I will buy ET:WQ if they will get the mod like Wolf:ET. Even if the game costs only 1 euro wouldn’t buy, since I don’t like the theme.

Period. :slight_smile: