Wolf: MP - Open Call for Prop Models

(.Chris.) #1

To keep the other thread clean I thought would post here instead, in order for the mod to grow we require additional hands to help out, one of the key areas we’re looking for help in is modelling in, we acknowledge that people might not be able to fully commit to the project so we’re asking if anyone finds themselves willing to help on little bits and bobs see below for our current requirements for models, references taken from W:ET and Wolf09 as well as some photos, be sure to PM myself of BackSnip3 for further information. We require all models to be suitable for idtech4 engine, complete with diffuse, specular and normal mapped textures.

Required Models

Welding Gas Bottles

Office Furniture (desk, chair, lamp etc)

Gun Rack

Foot lockers

Filing Cabinets

Bed Bunks

Lockers (Allied version also)

Various boxes

Wall mounted light fixtures

Switch box

Light fixtures



Light switch

Generic electrical equipment

Just to be clear, where we’ve shown ET screenshots, we’re looking for that item but for the detail to be on par with ET:QW and Wolf09 models.

(Nail) #2

but I can’t give you more stars

(KeMoN) #3

I can’t offer you much, but as part of the ET: Legacy asset creation effort, ETDamien started with a generator. It is not like the one you showed, but shaped after the one from Wolfenstein: The New Order. There was limited contact with him during the last few weeks, but since we’ll also use it for ET:L I can contact him about the status.

(BackSnip3) #4

Looks great!

(.Chris.) #5

Agreed, that looks good, I’m sure wouldn’t take much effort to convert to ET:QW engine standards.

(twt_thunder) #6

Chris or backsnip, anything you can use here:

go ahead and use them :slight_smile:

(BackSnip3) #7

Thank you very much Thunder for your donations! :slight_smile:

(twt_thunder) #8

No problems, just be sure to check the repo or forum from time to time… there will be a lot… maybe not all useable but whatever…

latest I am working on:

(BackSnip3) #9

Looks good. To be honest it’s one of your best models that I’ve seen. It just lacks detail (image resolution?) in the texture I think. Also we need normalmaps/specularmaps in ETQW. Will see what I can do when you’re finished with that. Also will check the git again.

(twt_thunder) #10

Well it aint bumped yet…
And my best model so far is this when its done:

(twt_thunder) #11

and phone in repo as bphone @backsnip

(KeMoN) #12

I also agree that your models are getting better and better, but unfortunately they are not optimized for normal mapping. Of course a normal map can be used with it, no doubt, but we’re not making proper use of the possibilities that come with this technique.

There won’t be many differences. Normal maps have been created for models to simulate high-poly geometry on a low poly geometry. Take for example your welding tank and your lightswitch below. The shaky, green lines indicate line of polys that could be saved with a proper normal map, because those height differences could be simulated.
This isn’t meant to discourage you and I hope I’m not spreading lies here, since I have very limited knowledge of modelling.

(twt_thunder) #13

but wouldnt that affect the fps just as much?


the dinghy…

no bumpmap:

with bumpmap

and looks ok ingame for me atleast:

anyways I am the only one you got and I cant do blender :confused:

(BackSnip3) #14

@thunder will check the github when I can thanks.
Normalmaps are faster than high polygon. For example you can have a design model with 100000 polygons which results in a 10000 polygon game model. The normalmap processing cost nothing compared to 90000 polygons. It’s even worse with an animated model!
Also in ETQW if you don’t use LWO static model and instead use OBJ you absolutely need a nornalmap to simulate hard edges.

(twt_thunder) #15

Ok thx for clarifying this backsnip, something I have wonder about for a long time :slight_smile:

(twt_thunder) #16

just throwed something quick together (5mins)

how would you really do a low poly of this and make the bumpmap work so it looks the same?

(BackSnip3) #17

This looks already like it doesn’t have many polygons! A good example for normalmap is something like a wheel tire :


Also, normalmap is not same as bumpmap. Bumpmap is like a heightmap, it’s a greyscale image which can express bumps, it doesn’t work very well on non-flat surfaces. Normalmaps are RGB images and work for objects of any shape because it’s based on polygons normal vector modification.

(ryven) #18

Yet another example.

Normalmaps doesn’t affect mesh shapes, instead they use shadows and lights manipulation to imitate polygon deformation, to make it look like it has more tris. The wall still flat af, but the external lights are affecting it, so it looks more realistic and polygon rich.

(twt_thunder) #19

well this: have 4700 polys and in my opinion thats way to much for a lamp model…

(twt_thunder) #20

@Chris, for your battery project, I saw the rocks could be better. try these: