Wolf: MP - Open Call for Prop Models

(Runeforce) #21

Uff, that’s an expensive modeling habit. :wink:

(BackSnip3) #22

@Thunder, you should give Blender 2.5+ a try, it’s definitely more user-friendly than old blender.
Also, 4700 polys is really bad for such a model. You wouldn’t expect that many polygons!
For example, here is a WIP Thompson that I made, it has 1604 polygons (non triangulated, so roughly it is 3200 polys) :

You can see use of normalmap on the wooden handle. I actually painted it really quickly with GIMP, one can do much better by using a high-poly model and baking a normalmap.

(maggol) #23

I want to try to help. I’m not a very good modeller, but maybe helping Wolf:MP can train me to work in a team and improve my 3D skill. My modelling skill is quite good, but still have a problem when texturing, rigging and animating.
Here my CV:
Still on going personal project:

Trying to model my own face

This is my animation, made it with guide from my master

Trying to make Shingeki no Kyojin map, but postpone the project for now

I use blender btw

(.Chris.) #24

If you made a start on the smaller props that might give you some good practice, time zones might be a problem but I’m sure we can work something out. The Slack channel we have keeps a log of all conversations so it’s there when you next log in.

(twt_thunder) #25

@Chris do you think you can use these:

and what modeltype do you use? lwo or md5?

(BackSnip3) #26

Looks okay to me! For static model you have to use ASE, OBJ or LWO. I recommend LWO because that’s what’s used everywhere in the game.

(twt_thunder) #27

Lol, right … Ms3d have 3 different lwo exporters… Hmm wich one to use…

(BackSnip3) #28

Here some help for your decision.


(twt_thunder) #29

hahaha, great!!!

found something else about normal mapping that may be usefull

(BackSnip3) #30

@thunder that’s great info and the Crazybump thing is so easy, a lot of people tend to do that!

(twt_thunder) #31

@backsnip test this one:

(Pegazus) #32

If you still need some props let me know and give me a deadline to deliver. I sometimes have a bit of free time and still mess around with model making, so we can make it happen. Textures included obviously.

(BackSnip3) #33

Hey Pegazus! Please PM your email address right now! :stuck_out_tongue: