[WIP] Golfech Nuclear plant

(here) #1

Hi everyone !

Just posting about a new project, after working 1 year into a french nuclear plant, I decided to create one on ETQW

I create this topic in order to :

  • posting wips
  • keeping it on
  • asking some technical questions

My experience on ETQW SDK is just :

  • Creating my own assets (in OBJ if there is a better extension on it I don’t know)
  • Generate the landscapes’megatexture
  • Making my own materials

I never made any scripting on ETQW (got an experience on WolfET)
I don’t know how to make the OOB ring, because I’m too lazy to learn how blender is working.
I don’t know how to manage the “battlezones” (deployable and objectives areas)

I’m using :

  • 3dsmax
  • Zbrush
  • Photoshop
  • Worldmachine

I think I will ask the questions in time(while I will meet troubles).
I’m thinking about 1 year of work (cause I’m making it into my free time)

For the moment I just started some asset’s


Thanks for reading this and see ya !

(.Chris.) #2

Be careful not too make it too realistic, you may get government agents thinking you’re planning a terrorist attack :slight_smile:

Anyway good to see some interest still in the game.

A lot of topics are covered on the editing wiki which I’m sure you know about if able to make megatextures but here it is just in case, http://wiki.splashdamage.com/index.php/Enemy_Territory:_QUAKE_Wars

Before you get carried away I suggest you read up on the optimisation related subjects, batches, texturesheets, LOD groups, detail groups and portals. Knowing these now will save you a lot of trouble later, I wish I knew more about them when making my first map in ET:QW, had bad fps and was too big of a task to fix.

For scripting objectives and such I just use the stock maps as a guide, I think all stock maps have a reference map file for the objectives so you can look at the entities used and how they tie in with the script. It’s a real pain to get it working at first, you have to set up all sorts of files for the game to read your map script correctly. Might be best to try and replicate some objectives in a basic map to get a feel for it.

The SDK test map gives a nice example for how territories are setup, however this isn’t required to have working objectives, it just used for deployables and vehicle spawning, it’s generally one of last things I do along with command map. one thing to note about the sdk test map, it uses a broken method of generating heightmaps and path finder nodes for magog/deployables from memory, the wiki is also wrong on that subject. When you come to this make a topic and we’ll try help you out.

ET:QW can deal with .ase .obj .lwo and also uses .md5 for animated models. I typically use .ase, seem to have more luck with that, especially with terrains. I make most of my geometry using BSP in editor though as it’s what I’m more comfortable with.

Anyway good luck.

(here) #3

Ok, I’m going to read all of this just after writing this.
Thank you to advise me with your own experience.
It would be usefull to optimise the overall map.

Of course I will not make a lot of details on the map but it must be credible.
You can found some good reference picture on google :slight_smile:
For instance :

Thanks !
I will try to keep it on and making it properly !

(matsy) #4

Is the idea of the map, but one thing to keep in mind is that real-life isn’t as fun to play as you may think!

Do you have any ideas for the objectives, and the flow of the map that you could go into?

For some reason this map, instantly makes me think about the ET map Reactor which I loved! Mainly because it added a new game play mechanic!

(here) #5

I got the overall Idea of the objective position I have to manage it well.

First of all, I want have a Stroggs offensive map.

I’m just working the main rooms before choosing what kind of objective I will add in. And adding more than one way to enter in these rooms.

  • I’m thinking about a first objective (with secondary objective) outside. Something like planting bomb for destroying a breach or a door, hacking a reardoor. We have to profit from the deployable, i maybe add an another objective, Maybe I can turn it with a “jamming generator” and a mining laser.

  • A second objective in order to open the Restricted area (hack or explosive)

  • A third objective destroying the main tank with a bomb (dangerous to be close of this xD) or with the fDrones

I wil probably work this on paper to maange the distance between respawns and objectives.

I didn’t played reactor, I’ll download it soon.

(here) #6

some news I try to keep it on :stuck_out_tongue:

(Chronicler) #7

If you ever want to test run it, or if you ever need any help just message me :slight_smile:

We can make a test play with TAW EU and we have some modders if you run into any problems. But Chris seem to have the hang of this, so just do whatever he says =P.

(here) #8

Ho that could be kind :slight_smile:

I worked on it, I’m in holydays, and I got time to work on my map :stuck_out_tongue:

I did a lot of models and détails, I started my megatextures. But I’ll add more détails after all buildings in place.

I’m on the way to learn how to set up the LOD.

(light_sh4v0r) #9

Looking nice man :slight_smile:
I don’t think there’ll be anyone left to play your map once it’s finished, but don’t let that stop you!

(Chronicler) #10

[QUOTE=light_sh4v0r;507825]Looking nice man :slight_smile:
I don’t think there’ll be anyone left to play your map once it’s finished, but don’t let that stop you![/QUOTE]

Wrong :wink:

TAW still has 60 members divided on EU and NA evenly. We play mainly custom twice a week on our events.

As you will soon see in main forum soon, we also just fixed our custom public and hopefully we will get games going soon! :slight_smile:

(here) #11

Even if anyone left to play my map, most of work has been done on 3dsmax, and could be exported into an another engine. And my textures are oversized.

(Boktor) #12

I’m super impressed with the models. Keep up the updates :smiley:

(MrLego) #13

Nice to still see some activity here - keep up the good work!

(here) #14

Got one problème, with the 2sided material option,

material textures/golfech/branche_01
surfacetype “wood”
qer_editorimage textures/GOLFECH/BRANCHE_01.tga
diffusemap textures/GOLFECH/BRANCHE_01.tga

	alphaTest 0.5

for my foliage, the 2sided option doesn’t work.

(here) #15

Back to show you some new screenshots :

(Chronicler) #16

Looking good :slight_smile:

(Loffy) #17

Outstanding. Keep it up.

(Snotling) #18

Looks really nice, keep up the good work !

(here) #19

Got one little problem
some weird lighting appears when I move the camera,

Is someone knows why ?

[SOLVED] the bug came from a light.

Can I use a model to apply ambientportal material on it for unusual shapes ?
For the top of the dome when I’m closing the top with brushes and ambient portal properly with no leaks,
The compiling tasks are crashing during “writing shadows”.

I already wait for 2 hours with no results.

(.Chris.) #20

I believe you can use models for portals, SD used this for the biodomes in Ark if I remember correctly.

You need to be careful with shadows, too many shadows can cause problems, best to use materials that have the noshadow property to reduce shadow count, you have lots of intricate geometry from what I can see, try omit shadows from small details that no one will really miss, also putting objects into an LOD group and turn shadows off for the group is another way, I do this mainly for outdoors stuff that are in the shadow of another larger object or for small trim detail that don’t really need to cast shadows.