Tutorials and et mapping resources

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Yes it does, that’s the correct address. http://carbon.rtcwfiles.com

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Here s the link to Q3map2build by BobDev:
In the left side navigation, click on “q3map2build”

And a link to a detailed and well explained Q3map2build tutorial:

(Shaderman) #43

Find blueprints with Google Patents:

Description: http://www.blendernation.com/2007/01/20/more-blueprints-google-patents/

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check this topic, its also a collection of tutorials :). TCE is an mod for ET. :slight_smile:

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the reference manual link is broken, here is the new one:


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The world’s most comprehensive list of free texture resources as of October 2007. ThinkFree
The world’s most comprehensive list of free texture resources as of October 2007. Scribd

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but this thread is on page 4 ?

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:lol: :lol:

Before my post in this topic the thread had had a page 4, but now that I posted we are on page 4. :?: :expressionless:

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It doesn’t seem like any of the Useful Information links work anymore, is there any way these can be fixed?

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yea, I noticed that to. They all take ya back to the splash damage homepage

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this might help

(N0zer0) #52

What is the maximum dimensional map size in W:ET?

(Wezelkrozum) #53

zoom out in gtkradiant and you will see it.

(N0zer0) #54

Can I find the answere in documentations? Where can I zoom out. I’ve never made ET map but I think even the biggest sniper maps are small. This is the reason why I want to know maximum dimensions. If it is possible I want to make the theoretical biggest map.

(Ziggy) #55

by zooming out, it means, scrolling with your mouse wheel over the 2d grid area. Then looking at the numbers on the left and top edges. But just for your future reference, the largest map possible it 65536x65536.

(-SSF-Sage) #56

It’s hard to tell, cos you are morelikely gonna hit many different limits. So you would need to push up many things. 32768 is the maximun brush count. But for the size, look for example minas thirit or some there’s some very huge maps around there. But I have to warn you, making maps sized like those with detail and stuff can take years. Oh and all sniper maps I’ve seen (maybe a dozen) are actually quite small.

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insert and delete is better than mouse wheel. and why to pollute this thread with that question, zero :s start new topic.

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NoZero, for future reference, generally speaking your don’t post off topic in a sticky unless it has to do with the subject of the sticky. :smiley:

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Thanks for the answers.

Sorry. I didn’t want to start a brand new topic for this general question. Imo a lot of small topic can be annoying too.

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no problem mate:D