The fate of db into 2020?

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I liked doing a navy seal jump with nader and nading the hell out of the attackers in the room covering the plant. Plus it was easier to cover the plant as it was in open. And capture the flag gave the map an objective that other maps didnt have it was something different from gens c4 and milk jugs

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Old terminal was hardly the most balanced map, lots of attacker spawncamps, but the rework is so completely different from the original version that the first part barely even feels like the same map anymore.

Old terminal had a lot of unique parts that you just don’t get in other maps too. That awkward dropdown on top of the obj as a defender, that hallway room right next to it, that entire street near attacker spawn, the capture point, etc. Even if it wasn’t all perfectly balanced, terminal had a lot of areas that were just really fun to play in.
The newer maps just don’t have the same style of level design, everything is more wide open, everything has multiple vantage points, and there are generally less obscure trickjumps. Just look at vault and castle, they almost feel like Overwatch maps. That’s not to call them bad or anything, but I really do wish I could play old terminal again just for how much more character it had

Honestly wish we could play other old versions of maps too. Stuff like the dockyard blockout, wildly unbalanced but still something fun and different for a game with so few maps

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Who cares about balance? Old terminal was more fun.

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Unless attacking vs 6 fragger mains

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@Frew what is you definition of LiveOps? know DevOps and QA but LiveOps was first for me :wink:

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I could be wrong but live ops is the ones that monitor servers and deal with connection to game issues


Just FYI, I’ve addressed this over here:

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After thinking about this, i dont think thats a good idea.

If there were no levels stored how could ballancing matches work. The ballance is bad as is this would kill the game faster as there would be no ballance

As far as the cards no way either. Some of us busted our *sses for the cards wouldnt feel right letting new players walking in and being handed stuff we worked hard to get from events

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I mean balance already is mostly random, so it probably wouldn’t be that bad. Sure every now and then you’d get a match where every high level player gets dumped onto one team, but on average it would probably be fairly even. Worst case, we have vote shuffle for a reason, just try for a second time

You also have to keep in mind this would be a decision made on DB’s death bed. The devs no longer want to cover the cost of the player data server, so instead of shutting down the game, they give us public accounts so we can still play to some degree. The alternative is that we don’t get to play at all.
SD is a company, them keeping the game up this long is a good PR move, but you can’t really expect that to last indefinitely with player count still dropping.

And would anyone really be angry at this point? Most of the old event cases have been purchasable for ages now and I haven’t seen any angry vet. We had our fun with our hard earned cards back in DB’s glory days. But DB has an average of less than 300 players online at any time now. Who are you really showing off to by keeping those cards exclusive? I get it sucks, but honestly, does it really matter if new players get to have fun in shiny pixels too? It’s just a game

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Can’t agree more