The fate of db into 2020?

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So since end of 2019 is 3.5 months away,and they said end of 2019 was going to be re evaluated in some new stories and completely shut down in others can either @Moobabe @Frew or any of the other devs still lurking around give any kind of official update on db going into 2020. Will it be shut down?? Will it keep running on mimimal machines ??? Will db stay running provided theres a few i3d servers being rented.

And any one saying db is dead go f**ck yourself this isnt a thread for praying it dies this thread is about pryaing it keeps running

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This is SD’s latest official announcement on it
Since nothing major has changed since then, I’m guessing that still stands. I haven’t heard anything saying otherwise either so I’m still not sure where you’re hearing these other stories from, since you’re the only person I’ve seen mention them.
The “reevaluation” you’re thinking of happened a long time ago and was what lead to SD stopping development in the first place.

And ultimately DB is still gradually losing players, the average playerbase is still less than 500, SD still isn’t making money off the game. Since SD has already set up community servers specifically to stay alive after the official servers go down, I’m not sure why they would have suddenly changed their minds and decided that paying to keep official servers up would be a good idea when the game is on a downwards spiral and isn’t making money

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I just remember the devs and a few players theysaying re evaluate and of 2019 in a vid or a post. Since merc rotation stopped im assuming its getting shut down soon. Would still like a dev to comment on what the plans are as in whats going to happen in 3 months if its total shut down or if there going to be leaving just leaving the player data server up and rely on i3d rentals for servers or if they will just keep one machine going for official servers and leave us to run the rest.

Either way theres still plenty of us players that dont want to see the game end

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Official server needed in AU…

And ffs, Singapore is SG not MY

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Since SD hasn’t mentioned anything about all accounts getting wiped I’m assuming the player data server will still be left up. It’s definitely not a full game shutdown either, SD wouldn’t specifically say they’re allowing for community servers to make the game more independent after official one shuts down if that were the case
Nothing I’ve heard mentions any official servers staying up either, since like I said SD already removed all monetization from the game, and they are a company, so leaving one up at this point is impractical

I still love DB too, but regardless of what’s happening to official servers, I wouldn’t really panic. We’ll still have community servers for the forseeable future at the very least, so long as there are people willing to pay for them

They shut it down because not enough people were playing on it as part of their last wave of shutdowns. Not really worth complaining, since in 3 months all regions will be in the same situation

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Hey folk - we’ve been following this post for a few days and I think it’s probably best I clarify what the intentions are for the end of the year. I’ll caveat as always with; this is just me rambling to the best of my personal knowledge, and an official post will be published at some point in an official format, by an official person.

The information in the news post linked by Starrystock still stands to be correct. Let me cover the key parts, starting with the official servers. I am planning to bring official server support to an end at the end of the year. This is most likely going to be slightly earlier on in December because, well, it’s Christmas, and nobody (esp. me) will be around to fulfill the update Splash-side if it is done any later.

Next on the list, community servers. They’ll continue to run through and be available in locations as per this news post. That’s about all that needs to be said on that front as nothing is changing here.

Finally back-end & services. This is the trickiest one for me to navigate because this is where the majority of costs emanate. The ideal scenario for Splash Damage is to provide support for this game for as long as players wish to play it, but I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I wasn’t mindful about the reoccurring costs associated with doing this. So right now, that’s the battle. We’re (LiveOps/DevOps/Quality Assurance) currently exploring a solution that brings these ongoing costs inline with what I believe to be fair, whilst also keeping the game playable.

I saw that player data, specifically keeping it intact, was questioned in Starrystock’s post. This is naturally something we’ve been discussing internally. There are multiple options with what we’re doing, ranging from keeping everything exactly as is, to allowing all accounts access to a single unlocked inventory with every item accessible. The current intention is to keep your account data intact.

I hope this helps clear things up. If you’ve any follow up questions or comments I’d be happy to hear them.

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I guess this is realy bad news and good news at the same time

As of right now i have no intentions of shutting down my server its only $14/month u.s. so execution zone server should be up till end of 2020 or game is completely dead

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This comes as no surprise based on the announcements we’ve gotten so far, even though I think all of us are disappointed with the decision to terminate the official servers. As of now there isn’t enough community servers to support the number of players at the 24h peak each day, and if those numbers remains it will kill the game even more.

And what about Faceit? I know barely anyone plays it to the point that not all of the Faceit points gets claimed on the leaderboards. But the picking and banning system is still nice to have and there’s a small group of people (including me) that still plays it. Will Faceit support also be terminated at the end of the year?

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@frew i know developement is dead but is there any way some kind of button could be added to home screen that tells players where to go and set up there own servers. There will be new players that may be willing to rent a server but wont know about it. Also can something be done either remove or add rng to the free merc rotation its been stuck on the same 3 for weeks now

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Keep in mind official servers are still up, so most people just use them instead of bothering with community servers. There’s not really a reason to host your own server now, hence why there aren’t a lot.
Once official servers shut down I’m guessing we’ll see more of them pop up

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@Frew onthing that has not been adressed yet is will eac still be active or will it be open season for hacking

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Me again! Good questions regarding community server coverage, FACEIT, spreading information via the in-game homepage and EAC. I don’t really have anything I can share on these points right at this moment apart from that these are all things we’ve been discussing internally too. There’ll be more messaging about these items at a later date, that I’m sure of.

I’ll see if there’s anything I can do about this, this is the first I’ve heard of this.

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for me the same
as long as someone join me on my server I will keep it up (the min level15 is the i3d one) the max level 15 multiplay one will end as multiplay will stop it

DirtyBomb is dead, long live DirtyBomb!!!

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@Smooth said over on readit hes renting server as well to help keep it running. He doesnt want to see 7 yrs of work go down the drain.

I think the uper management needs to let the devs have a few days of dev time and give us one last event like when they killed exe the first time around adding the old maps as a send off for the official servers

Also if eac is removed we need at be able to perma ban people people from our servers

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Old maps would be great. Terminal used to be a popular pick before the first objective got changed.
Also Nvidia gun skins would be nice…

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this need is independed from eac
as alsternative we need some API to autokick some dicks… btw this would be more fun as we can waste some of the dicks time

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Yeah like guns shoot blanks. This way thet just end up rage quiting thinking the games broke and never play again

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Force them to play Proxy but all they can shoot are mines and it only damages themself

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BattlEye is more bullish even for legit players but I’d rather have BattlEye than EAC.

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Terminal was cancer for People who actually tried to play the Objective, not to Mention the ignorance of capturing the Flag.