Has Merc Roation stopped?

(Jl001) #1

Nader+Proxy+Sawbonez remain in rotation since August 22. What’s wrong ?

(Press E) #2

Honestly at this point I kinda wish they’d just make all mercs free for good. I get it’s not as good for progression, but this game is kinda on its last legs so there aren’t gonna be a lot of new players looking to grind credits to progress. Might as well just have some fun while we’re still here

(K1X455) #3

Looks like someone fell asleep on the wheel.

It’ll be a good day when SD wises up.

(Mc1412013) #4

Would have thought they would have some kind of system that just randomizes the mercs.

Just be glad it didnt get stuck on vasili/phantom/proxy rotation

(Your worst knifemare.) #5

Tbh i was wondering why the servers were plagued with proxy

Oh and nade spam


Whoops, we totally missed this!

Essentially, the rotation is automated. Or at least, it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, the system that rotates the Mercs wasn’t running correctly. I’ve manually cycled the Mercs to what they should be this week (Phoenix, Stoker and Phanton) and have also pushed out a speculative fix that should kick-start the automatic rotations again.

Now I’ve noticed that this has fallen over, I’ll keep an eye on this personally. If it’s working again, the Mercs should rotate again on the 25th. If not, then I guess I’ll have to have another look!

Thanks, and sorry this wasn’t looked at until now.

The fate of db into 2020?
(Mc1412013) #7

Thank god that nader spam was anoying as f*ck

(Jl001) #8

Apparently, the rotation has stopped again after October 2, still at (Phoenix, Stoker and Phanton) .

(Mc1412013) #9



Apologies, was on holiday last week! Will look into this…


…and an update to this - pushed another fix, and this time I sat and watched it rotate onto this week’s rotation of Proxy, Rhino and Vassili.

It should now rotate to Turtle, Sparks and Hunter at 5PM GMT (6PM BST) today.

If this doesn’t happen, don’t be afraid to ping us again!

(Mc1412013) #12

Proxy??? oh god

(Your worst knifemare.) #13

Good thing the rotation stopped before that