The fate of db into 2020?

(K1X455) #41

30 days and counting…

(Mc1412013) #42

No less than 30 closer to 15 @Frew said they would be gone before christmas vacation

Though i wish they would hurry up with an official anouncement of whats decisions they made are

(Mc1412013) #43

Since devs wont post in the forums heres an update from redit

(Mc1412013) #45

Time to reactivate my i3d server

(Mustang) #46

So are i3D doing free community servers for a year?

(Mc1412013) #47

Would be nice but i had to pay for mine

(Nail) #48

it says RENTED in the post

(Mustang) #49

Good eyes, however I present this imploration as a question not because I don’t know the answer, but to elicit a response.