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the things i would do for a founders sawbones :frowning:

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$30 and a time machine would get you one… :wink:

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Am I the only one who doesn’t see these pictures? I can see a few of them, the rest are just script or can’t be displayed

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@rancid due to the size and number of pics, you can run into browser timeout issues. Try refreshing the page (F5). Also, I found that right-click > view image on one of the image names usually forces the browser to complete the load of all the pics.

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thank you for this

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Apparently Devs have a 383 Obsidian Sparks

65 votes and 36 so far on reddit

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[quote=“Porto;141805”]Apparently Devs have a 383 Obsidian Sparks

65 votes and 36 so far on reddit
There are 2 complete sets of Obsidian loadouts available only to the Splash Damage and Nexon teams respectively, each set containing one loadout for every merc released. The loadout cards can be found in the game files, however there is no way to get screenshots of the skins without help from a couple of insiders, so I have not bothered to document them (also because they are freaking rare in the first place…).

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*** Update (see first post) ***

Finally got around to finishing the update for the Humble Bundle loadouts:

Version 7.1 release notes:

  • Added Humble Bundle loadouts and skins for all affected mercs (all except Stoker and Thunder)
  • Updated the Layout Map and some merc’s loadout sheets (Arty, Fragger, Phoenix, Sawbonez and Vassili) to account for loadout deviations
  • Updated Augments Chart to reflect latest descriptions

A small note on the discussion regarding the “new” Phoenix loadout introduced with the Humble Bundle set: since there is only one instance of this loadout, I will not document it as a distinct loadout but rather as a deviation from the “normal” C72. I strongly believe this “new” loadout to be the result of an error since it shares 5 out of 6 elements with C72, a level of commonality that no two standard loadouts come even close to (well Redeye has a 4/6 pair, but that’s largely due to the systematic repetition of the secondary + melee pairs in his loadouts…). This is also not entirely new or unique to Phoenix since 4 of the Beta Fighter Obsidian loadouts have similar deviations with respect to their melee weapons. Those have also been documented as such.

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Why don’t all the mercs have Alienware and Logitech cards? most of the mercs that don’t have them were available when these promotional codes were released. Why weren’t they included in the “cases” for them?

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@AnonOmis1000 the Alienware and Logitech skins were created (and present in the game files) long before the actual promotions where they were released. Back then they were produced for all the mercs available at the time, but by the time the promotions happened, there were some new mercs out. I’m sure they could have generated the missing ones before the actual promotions took place, but that would have required additional work which was probably not part of the original agreements with the sponsors.

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If my memory serves me right, then that doesn’t explain why only Skyhammer and Aura have both alienware AND logitech cards. Not to meantion why there aren’t any obsidian cards for some mercs that were available in the beta before Phoenix. Unless I missed something, every merc that we are expecting to see before the game leaves open beta were in the game during it’s closed alpha stage.

I could be very wrong about this as I only got into the game shortly after it went into open beta, then didn’t get back into it again until last December.

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Actually all the merc who have Alienware cards also have Logitech ones in th egame files, but only the Skyhammer and Aura ones were made available so far. Just like the first Alienware event, I guess they wanted to make sure people wouldn’t end up with a card for a merc they didn’t own, so they limited the promotion to the two free ones.

As for the Phoenix Obsidian, it’s a special case since it is the only Obsidian released to the general population since the Closed Beta set. Why they picked him over all the others available at the time, your guess is as good as mine.

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Please update with Aimee and Rogue en Vogue skin

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I’ve had to do a major rework of the Genome pages to allow for the ever-increasing number of Special Edition skins which took me a while to sort out (18 mercs to redo + Aimee). But I’m almost there and assuming I can get my hands on good screenshots of the Suspect skins for Phoenix and the 4 Week 4 suspects, I’m hoping to have an update this weekend.

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*** Update (see first post) ***

With the last suspects revealed a couple of days ago, I can finally release this massive update to the Genome. Why “massive”? Well simply put I had ran out of space to include more Special Edition loadouts on some of the mercs loadout sheets, and with 2 more skins coming for the eventual culprit, I seriously needed to rearrange things. The new split between Standard Rarities and Obsidian and Special Edition will allow easy expansion in the future without the need to revisit all the sheets every time. The new layout also addresses the lingering confusion about not showing all the Gold and Cobalt loadouts, and allows the skins to be conveniently shown side by side with the loadout cards.

Version 8.0 release notes:

  • Completely revised the loadout sheets layout to account for the ever-increasing number of Special Edition loadouts.
  • Added Aimee’s loadouts sheet
  • Added Suspect loadouts and skins for all affected mercs (all except Aimee, Aura and Skyhammer)
  • Updated and split the Layout Map to reflect the new layout
  • Updated the Weapons and Augments charts to better match the style of the other sheets

First post has been updated with this version.

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i see 2 weapon sheets instead of
1 weapon sheet and 1 augments sheet!

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[quote=“Glottis-3D;175500”]i see 2 weapon sheets instead of
1 weapon sheet and 1 augments sheet![/quote]

Thanks @Glottis-3D ! Can’t believe I missed that and no one else flagged it either… :confused:

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no problemo, i noticed only because i wanted to check if my loadout is teh best in ze world or not =) im drunk, yeah

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You, sir, are a LEGEND!