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(Nexolate) #141

@Djiesse As promised, here are my submissions at a more front-facing angle. I meant to do this yesterday but forgot. Sorry!

This includes:

[] Stoker Crown Gold
] Stoker Swiss Red
[] Stoker Carbon Fibre
] Bushwhacker Urban Silver

(DB Genome editor) #142

@Nexolate I thought I said I was OK with the shots you had originally provided? Those are fine too, but I’m not sure it’s worth making the swap…

(Nexolate) #143

It’s up to you. I just provided them in case you’re a little OCD, like I can be some times. If you think it’s not worth it, then no worries.

(DB Genome editor) #144

*** Update (see first post) ***

Very minor release to complete the update of the Bushwhacker skins.

Version 6.1 release notes:

  • Updated Bushwhacker’s skins sheet with last missing screenshot with the new glove texture

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(DB Genome editor) #145

*** Update (see first post) ***

Thunder is here! And along with the big guy are a new weapon and several changes to the augments.

Version 6.2 release notes:

  • Added Thunder loadouts and skins sheets (complete)
  • Added MK46 MG to Weapons Chart and revised layout to accommodate it
  • Updated Augments Chart to reflect latest descriptions

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(SirMurder) #146

@Djiesse Can i help you out by sending u pics of a CW r51 Venerable close assault proxy?

(DB Genome editor) #147

@SirMurder I already have a sample of the CW skin for Proxy and I have pics of all the CW loadout cards for all the mercs, but I only show one per merc since there is no point in listing every single one: they are available for all the variants shown in Bronze.

(Dawnlazy) #148

One thing that bothers me: why does that obsidian Arty card have the Stiletto rather than the bat like the bronze version? I know it sounds silly but it kind of upsets me that you can’t have access to the exact same card in bronze.

(DB Genome editor) #149

@Dawnrazor for some reason, all 5 of the original Beta Fighter loadouts have the stiletto as melee weapon. It looks like it was intended that way (or a bad copy-paste error ;)). For the Proxy loadout that made no difference, but for the other 4 (Arty, Fragger, Sawbonez and Vassili) that indeed introduced a unique variation from the “standard” loadouts.

(Dawnlazy) #150

Oh damn, 3 of the other cards are also different? I call P2W. :stuck_out_tongue:

(DB Genome editor) #151

Good call, considering these loadouts were only available to the participants in the Close Beta, which was free :stuck_out_tongue:

(pumpkinmeerkat) #152


(DB Genome editor) #153

More like “join early to win” since those loadouts were not exclusive to Founders :wink:

But in any case, a change in melee weapon in not exactly an OP change to these loadouts :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mr.Dubstab) #154

@Djiesse Well… Damage as well as speed change on some of those loadouts. :confused:

(DB Genome editor) #155

*** Update (see first post) ***

Despite the controversy and the bot fiasco, the 2nd wave of Alienware Special Edition loadouts have been added to the Genome.

Version 6.3 release notes:

  • Added 2nd wave Alienware loadouts and skins for all affected mercs: Arty, Bushwhacker, Fletcher, Fragger, Kira, Nader, Proxy, Rhino, Sawbonez and Vassili

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(worldwideBurger) #156

Where can i view the compilation? The first post just has many .jpg descriptions and no images.

(DB Genome editor) #157

@worldwideBurger the images are pretty large (2-2.5 Mb each) so it’s possible your browser times out on some of them showing only the picture name instead of the actual picture. I use Firefox and it happens fairly regularly. I just tried with IE and it seems to do the same.

If you right click on one of the names and select “View Image” you should be able to see the full image. That usually also fixes the preview if you go back to the previous page afterwards.

(sunglowMillenium) #158

I feel special I have a gold Vasillo that’s not on the list.

(DB Genome editor) #159

The list says “Available for all Bronze loadouts” next to the Silver, Gold and Cobat skins, if you have a Gold Vassili that is not covered by that, I would really like to see it :wink:

(DB Genome editor) #160

*** Update (see first post) ***

Just in time for the beginning of the trinket hunt and the start of the Dickens event cases drops, the DB Genome has been updated with the event’s new loadouts.

Version 7.0 release notes:

  • Added “What the Dickens?” loadouts and skins for all mercs
  • Revised loadouts sheets to accommodate the increased number of Obsidian & Special Edition loadouts
  • Updated the Layout Map to reflect the new loadouts sheets layout
  • Updated Augments Chart to reflect latest descriptions

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