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Just for you @Djiesse

(DB Genome editor) #122

Thanks @Jaeger!

In addition to the Stoker skins, I’ll be looking for the new Containment War skins for all the merc, so if you’re lucky enough to get one, please send me a picture as per the specification on the first post of this thread.

Also, if someone could please confirm the official name of the CW skins (when you mouse-over the loadout name on the card)?

Finally, something that appeared in a previous update but I didn’t get a chance to fix in the Genome yet, Bushwhacker now has a new glove texture, so I’m going to be looking for screenshots of the following skins with those new gloves:

  • Dirt Lead
  • Shard and Fragment Cobalt
  • Crown and Swiss Gold
  • Urban Silver

(VincentRJaeger) #123

Hey have another Stoker!

(Fr0sZ) #124

Hey @Djiesse there is a much easier way you can do this, so you don’t need people sending in screenshots.

Load up a local server with “switchlevel obj_trainyard”. Then from exemple you want the Stoker skins, you use “set SGPlayerReplicationInfo m_slotarchetypes A_FieldOps_03” to switch to stoker and then look in the folder “Dirty Bomb\ShooterGame\CookedPC\Characters\FieldOps_03\Skins”. Not all skins are gonna be shown there but if want see all possible skins you write “obj dump A_FieldOps_03” and scroll up to “m_ThirdPersonTeamSkinSetsInfoTemplate”. It’s pretty far up it looks something like this . Hold down Ctrl to scroll faster. But then it’s just to copy that name into this command “set A_FieldOps_03 m_ThirdPersonTeamSkinSetsInfoTemplate (FO03_skin_Flow)” or “set A_FieldOps_03 m_ThirdPersonTeamSkinSetsInfoTemplate (A_Generated_SkinSetInfo_FieldOps_03_SplashDamage)” for the lower ones. Then use “switchlevel asd”, and will leave your old player standing where you were. The player you currently controling have the new third person skin, so you have to use “switchlevel asd” once again to be able to see how it actually looks like.

If there anything you woundering just throw me a pm, and I can try to answer it.

One problem is that it’s always the friendly skin not the enemy skin.

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Yeah @Fr0sZ, that definitely looks much easier :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, this would give me in-game screenshots of the skins, which are much harder to keep consistent in terms of framing and background, not to mention that as a consistency freak that would mean going back and redoing all the old mercs.

Whenever a new mercs come out there are always a lot of people posting their cool loadouts, so it’s usually pretty quick to gather up the info through “donations”. Now if there was a way to unlock all the skins just in the model preview, that would definitely make my day…

And by the way, thanks again @Jaeger

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All 3 Gold skins with both Friendly and Enemy variants @Djiesse

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@Sprix thanks for the effort, but sadly I can’t use those as they are. Could you please have a look at the aspect ratio and resolution requirements in the very first post and resubmit them? It would be greatly appreciated.

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@Djiesse Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster. I really appreciate the effort you’ve put into maintaining this collection/guide. Do these help?

Phoenix Cobalt (KE81):

Stoker Swiss Red (S95):

Stoker Urban Silver (S51):

Stoker Carbon Fiber (M61):

Let me know if there’s any issues with the resolution/settings/etc. I tried to follow the guide, but I may have missed something!

EDIT: Just spotted your request for Urban Silver Bushwhacker. Will this do?

Bushwhacker Urban Silver (C41):

(DB Genome editor) #129

@Nexolate those are exactly how I need them to be, thanks!

For anyone else looking to help, here’s the list of what I’m still missing at the moment:

- Stoker:
– Cobalt Shard & Fragment

- Aura, Nader, Redeye:
– Special Edition Containment War (aka Faction)

  • Bushwhacker (new gloves):
    – Gold Crown
    – Cobalt Shard & Fragment

As always any loadout with the correct skin is fine. And please do be mindful of the setting requirements described in the very first post of this thread otherwise I may very well be unable to use your submission.

(SteelMailbox) #130

Stoker bamboo and Swiss bush

EDIT: If the graphics aren’t the highest looking it is because I couldn’t have increased the graphics exit the game and keep the graphics on high for some reason it always reverted to the low setting I have.

(Nexolate) #131

@Djiesse Great, glad I could help. :slight_smile:

Here’s a Gold Stoker I just managed to trade up.

Stoker Royal Gold (T65):

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@steelMailbox they look fine to me, thanks!

@Nexolate thanks again!

(Northman) #133

I got 3 for ya, hopefully I met all the requirements.

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@Northman thanks a lot for the effort, those were exactly as required. However I’m afraid I got those last night and forgot to update the list in my last post, my apologies :frowning:

At this time the only skin I’m still missing is the Crown Gold Bushwhacker with the new gloves.

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*** Update (see first post) ***

Releasing the complete Stoker and Containment War additions, plus a HD upgrade to all the Genome sheets. Thanks again to all the generous contributors.

Version 6.0 release notes:

  • Added Stoker loadouts and skins sheets (complete)
  • Added Containment War loadouts and skins for all mercs
  • Added new Phoenix Obsidian loadout and skin
  • Updated Bushwhacker’s skins sheet to reflect the new glove textures (still missing a screenshot of the Crown Gold)
  • Updated the Layout Map to reflect the Containment War Special Edition loadouts
  • Upgraded all loadouts and skin sheets to much higher resolution, sheets are now 75% bigger (about 3x the old area and 5x the file size)

First post has been updated with this version.

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@Djiesse Swabonez chart has wrong link (Rhino skins instead) :stuck_out_tongue:

(DB Genome editor) #137

Oups… Fixed it. I guess with over 35 links to update a cut and paste error somewhere was to be expected. Thanks for pointing it out @ToRRent !

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thanks yo, just what I was looking for. :wink:

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@assasind thanks, but I already have a Fragment Fragger. Only thing I’m missing right now is a Crown Gold Bushwhacker with the new gloves.