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(piranha_3) #101

there will be new skins in the future Djiesse

(DB Genome editor) #102

I sure hope so B)

(piranha_3) #103

if you have more skins, you do not lose your job :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m kidding, I hope there are more skins in the future B)

(DB Genome editor) #104

*** Update (see first post) ***

Releasing the complete Phoenix and some minor changes, one of which however affected all the mercs. As always, my thanks to the folks who provided me with their pics.

Version 5.0 release notes:

  • Added Phoenix loadouts and skins sheets (complete)
  • Updated all skins sheets to use the skin names now seen in-game when hovering over the loadout names
  • Updated the Layout Map to include rarity levels’ odds for the new Expert cases
  • Updated some loadout cards to better resolution on most mercs’ loadouts sheets

First post has been updated with this version.

(skaZito) #105

I have a different variant of a Aura Silver loadout, which is not listed here. Is it something new and you haven’t updated or am I missing something?

btw, thanks for putting effort into this and sharing it with us :slight_smile:

EDIT: The loadout is this one

(SteelMailbox) #106

@skaZito This card is mentioned here just in lead - bronze variations. When it comes to silver he only included two cards that have the carbon and urban skins.

(skaZito) #107

@steelMailbox Oh, so from what I understand you can possibly have all Bronze loadouts variants in Silver/Gold/Cobalt with just different skin? Example: I have a chance to open/craft Silver variant with any Bronze loadout?

(SteelMailbox) #108

@skaZito Yep.

(skaZito) #109

@steelMailbox It all makes sense now! Thank you sir.

(CCP115) #110

Wait, in the cobalt section I only saw Shard and Blue, but I have a speckled Sparks cobalt, what’s that? It’s neither blue or shard, it’s black with white dots.

(SteelMailbox) #111

I am 99% sure it is something to do with low graphics.

(DB Genome editor) #112

I am 99% sure it is something to do with low graphics.[/quote]

Yep. The Fragment gun skins appear black with white speckles on low settings (probably High Quality Materials off).

And by the way @CCP115 , Shard is the version that comes with the blue gun skins :wink:

(piranha_3) #113

(VincentRJaeger) #114

Oh hey, @Djiesse the Bushwhacker Default skin is finally working!

(DB Genome editor) #115

First update I don’t check that right away and of course it has to be the one that would fix it… :frowning:

Thanks @Jaeger, I’ll check that when I get back home.

(birdhorse) #116

I’ve seen a Silver Saw Bonez with the SMG-9 as primary, it’s in the bground of another card I have as a screenshot.

(IrvingMoore) #117

Dayum, those Founders Loadout Cards.

(joshstylegaming) #118

If you can get any variant for cobalt/gold/silver/bronze then explain why I keep getting the Hollunds/DE.50 every time I do a Proxy trade up! I want a Hochfir!

(Mr.Dubstab) #119

@Joshstylegaming Sorry to hear that. Sadly it really is just some really bad luck. I hope you find a nice loadout soon!! :slight_smile:

(Bestfinlandball) #120

I always seem to get blishlok sawbonez cards