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(DB Genome editor) #81

Sorry @MrFoster I got that one since my last update. All I’m missing now is the Crown Gold one.

(DB Genome editor) #82

*** Update (see first post) ***

Small update to clean up some remaining placeholders. I’m down to 3 missing bits:

  • The Bushwhacker Default which needs to be fixed by SD
  • The Phantom Iron BL52 loadout card
  • A model screenshot of a Crown Gold Phantom (any loadout)

Version 4.4 release notes:

  • Updated Phantom’s skins sheet (now only missing the Crown Gold one)
  • Added some missing loadout cards on Phantom, Rhino and Skyhammer’s loadouts sheets

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(piranha_3) #83

It is only missing 2 loadout :smiley: :smiley:

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(arcaneTube) #85

I’ve got a Swiss Red Phantom, Cobalt Skyhammer and Swiss red Skyhammer if you still need them

(DB Genome editor) #86

Thanks for the effort @arcaneTube, but I already have samples of those skins…

(piranha_3) #87

you want BL52?

(DB Genome editor) #88

If you’re talking about the Phantom Iron BL52 that is still being replaced by a red placeholder, absolutely. Otherwise, which merc and rarity are we talking about?

(Mr.Dubstab) #89

I don’t understand something here too well (probably because of the language barrier), but uhm… Can you have a Silver/Gold/Cobalt/Obsedian card with any Augments and/or all 3 primary weapons?

(piranha_3) #90

Yes it is. I will send

(DB Genome editor) #91

There are a limited number of loadout combinations, so you cannot have any augments with any weapons, just the 9 sets currently defined for each merc and shown by the Bronze loadouts. However, each of these 9 pre-defined sets is available in each and every one of the Silver, Gold and Cobalt variations (that is 2 different Silver skins, 3 Gold ones and 2 Cobalt ones).

Obsidian are different: they are limited series, with only 5 mercs in each of the two Obsidian sets released so far (Founders and Beta Fighter), and each one comes in only one combination of augments + weapons.

(TheJJMax) #92

Excuse my noobness but there’s no stats available for melees? :expressionless:

(DB Genome editor) #93

There are none in the in-game preview of the loadouts, which is what I used as a basis, but the DB wiki has more details if you’re interested:

([eXo]Deeds) #94

i would prefer loadout cards with numbers for damage for example :slight_smile:

(DB Genome editor) #95

*** Update (see first post) ***

I thought this would be a small update to include the last few items I was previously missing for Phantom, but the last game update actually introduced a bunch of cosmetic changes to his loadout cards, so I ended up updating a lot more than expected:

Version 4.5 release notes:

  • Updated Phantom’s skins sheet (now completed)
  • Updated Phantom’s loadouts sheet to reflect recent cosmetic changes to his loadout cards (model pose on Bronzes and Silvers, skin now showing properly on Irons)
  • Updated some loadout cards to better resolution on various mercs’ loadouts sheets

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(HonourBound) #96

Will this awesome project support friendly / enemy colours someday? I really like the cobalt fractal design, especially on friendly but I dont have it on every merc :smile: , but I would still like to see them ^^

(DB Genome editor) #97

Right now all the skin pictures should be of the Enemy variant. I picked that one because:

  • I think they look nicer: more colorful / contrasted making the actual patterns more visible
  • The loadout cards themselves use the Friendly colors (there are a few exception, but it’s generally true), so you can get a feel for what the Friendly versions should look like from there

There is no way I could have put both versions on the same sheets without making the pictures too small. I guess I could have done separate sheets for both, but double the work looked a bit daunting when I started (there were already 13 mercs out at that time…) and I didn’t even know if there would be any interest for this in the first place. In hindsight perhaps a poor decision, but one which would be even harder to reverse now… :confused:

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*** Update (see first post) ***

For once I’m able to release an update for a new merc without any missing bits the first time around, so big thanks to the community members who provided their Redeye pics!

Version 4.6 release notes:

  • Added Redeye loadouts and skins sheets (complete)
  • Added Grandeur and Kukri to Weapons Chart
  • Updated Sparks’ loadouts and skins sheets to reflect new model pose on Bronzes and Silvers
  • Updated a few skin pictures to get rid of the greyish skin (had to turn “High Quality Materials” off so some of the shinny bits are lost, but at least they don’t look sick anymore…)
  • Updated some loadout cards to better resolution on various mercs’ loadouts sheets

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(FabiopxK) #99

Humm, I have a question…take the “MO93 Vanguard Sniper” as my personal example. I have it in gold with the bamboo accents, but can I get this exact same loadout in gold with the red accents? (i’de want the MO11 instead but u get the point lol)

(DB Genome editor) #100

Yes. That loadout should be available in all 3 Gold variants, as well as the 2 Cobalt and 2 Silver ones.