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(Doge) #61

fail sry

(Doge) #62

Re : Do you still need this ?

(DB Genome editor) #63

@fictitiousCab thanks for the Rhino and the higher resolution Phantom.

@Doge sorry, I got that one since my last update, but thanks for the effort :slight_smile:

All I’m missing now is the Phantom Iron BL52 and Skyhammer Iron T63 cards and a skin screenshot of a Crown Gold Phantom (any loadout).

(piranha_3) #64

I already have, Skyhammer Iron T63 :slight_smile:

(DB Genome editor) #65

Well thanks again!

(piranha_3) #66

C73 lead BushWacker you want?

(DB Genome editor) #67

Nope. If it is not replaced by a red placeholder on the loadouts or skins sheet, then I obviously already have it… :wink:

(piranha_3) #68

then you already have all cards Bushwacker?

(piranha_3) #69

Bushwacker Default? :slight_smile: with an ability not know

(piranha_3) #70

I know you need cards who are the red card but this is very strange :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(piranha_3) #71

this card does not exist,you’re sleeping 4 versions and this card is still in red

(DB Genome editor) #72

The Bushwhacker default is bugged, see this previous post for the details

(piranha_3) #73

I will submit a print for you

(piranha_3) #74

Now you already have :slight_smile:

(piranha_3) #75

Bushwacker Default gold, I’ll change my country, I have never seen it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(piranha_3) #76

but it has a bug because it has an ability.

(piranha_3) #77

the players are here to help the game to get better, so I was sad what happened to me, I will always help :slight_smile:

(piranha_3) #78

you are doing a good job congratulations,DJIESSE

(piranha_3) #79

this print that sent the weapons had, rate of fire now do not have

(MrFoster) #80

I have a Bamboo Gold C94 Phantom, I see its missing so here you go :smile: