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(esotericLounge) #41

This is Kira’s Anodised Blue I believe

(DB Genome editor) #42

@captivatedEsquire I would definitely like to see them. Please see the first post for the video settings I need the picture to be taken with.

@esotericLounge yes, that’s the one I’m looking for. However, was that taken with the predefined High settings? Your textures look washed out and the blue on the gun is flat instead of shinny.

(esotericLounge) #43

@Djiesse sorry, I forgot that I turned off a few lighting settings from default high. here’s the fixed image

(DB Genome editor) #44

Looking good @esotericLounge, thanks!

(DB Genome editor) #45

*** Update (see first post) ***

A more significant update this time with the release of Phantom and the Alienware loadout cards. Also I finally got pics for the last few skins I was missing for the older mercs (except Bush’s Default which is still bugged… :/). If you have any of the ones I’m missing for Phantom, please give me a shout.

Version 4.3 release notes:

  • Added Phantom loadouts and skins sheets
  • Added Katana to Weapons Chart
  • Added Undercover to Augments Chart
  • Added Alienware Special Edition loadouts to Aura and Skyhammer’s loadouts and skins sheets
  • Added Special Edition loadouts info to Layout Map (lower left, same area as Obsidian loadouts)
  • Updated Kira’s skins sheet (now completed)
  • Updated Sawbonez’s skins sheet (now completed)
  • Updated Vassili’s skins sheet (now completed)
  • Silver/Gold/Cobalt area is now labeled “Alternate Skins Samples” to emphasis that these are just examples, not exhaustive sets
  • Added some missing loadout cards and updated a few others to better resolution on various mercs’ loadouts sheets

First post has been updated with this version.

(piranha_3) #46

I sent a picture, PHANTOM gold card

(DB Genome editor) #47

Got it, thanks!

(piranha_3) #48

do not have to thank us is that we have to thank your good work, helps us a lot, and who arrive

(quartzIdeal) #49

The missing Phantom - too bad i don’t want to play him :’(

edit: embedded images dont work on edit? :frowning:

(DB Genome editor) #50

Thanks for those @quartzIdeal!

Only missing the Crown Gold skin now! :smiley:

(piranha_3) #51

I have expert operative of PHANTOM, but only has an ability, you want

(DB Genome editor) #52

Are you saying that you have the CR62 Expert Operative with only 1 augment, in other words the Lead version I’m missing? If it is the case, I would only need a picture of the card (highest possible resolution), I don’t need the full model.

(piranha_3) #53

It is very sad helping a member of the splash damage team, and the event just DEV, give me ban for no reason

Thank they are very friendly with me
never did anything illegal in the game and never said anything while playing, going into the server, they were 3 players, one says hey, I say hey give me after ban

SHOE thank you is very sympathetic

(piranha_3) #54

Djiesse, I change the loadout, I want to have another PHANTOM GOLD, to send to print, but I have here is a print of CR62 but in the resolution 1152x864, you want, sorry I forgot

(DB Genome editor) #55

@fictitiousCab did you mean to attach a picture to your post? Sorry, I’m having a hard figuring out what you are trying to say… :confused:

(piranha_3) #56

I have CR62 but in the resolution 1152x864, I do not have this card now, so the print

(piranha_3) #57

you asked me for a print of PHANTOM CR62 at the highest resolution, I now do not already have this card but I have here a print, in Resolution 1152x864

my English is so bad ahahahahahahahahaha
at least I try to help.

(DB Genome editor) #58

That’s better than nothing, I will take it.

(piranha_3) #59

:slight_smile: I tried to help as I can

(piranha_3) #60

I have R93 RHINO, I will send print :slight_smile: