The DB Genome Project - Everything there is to know about loadouts

(MissMurder) #21

Trying to find the full, updated version of this- any help?

(N8o) #22

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am quite sure this is the full version. It was last updated yesterday.

(piranha_3) #23

sorry for the delay, I had to switch the screen I play on a television.

(MissMurder) #24

@Raw ah thanks :slight_smile:

(DB Genome editor) #25

@MissMurder, @Raw is absolutely correct, the first post has been updated with release 4.1. I’ll update my update post to make that clear.

(XavienX) #26

Phantom’s gonna be on here soon!

(N8o) #27

Can we help with this when he drops @Djiesse ?

(DB Genome editor) #28

Can we help with this when he drops @Djiesse ?
Absolutely. I can usually gather up all the info (loadout cards and skin pics) for everything up to and including Bronze by myself pretty quickly, but Silver and up is harder. So anyone who gets their hands on Silver, Gold or Cobalt loadouts can help by posting their screenshots as per the instructions in the first post. High resolution screenshots of Lead and Iron cards can also be useful, but don’t bother with the skin previews for those levels, I’ll take care of those.

Of course I’m also taking pics donations for the ones still missing for the older mercs.

(AlphaUT) #29

wait , red card is the highest ?

(XavienX) #30

As in cosmetics, yes.

(distinquishedSandwich) #31

I seriously wonder why Sparks had 4 Empire 9 cards but only 2 Tølen ones. Le confusion

(Sephios) #32

I have the Fragment Aura, but my graphics are on low so it might look so bad

(DB Genome editor) #33

@Sparks you know you can change those right :wink:

I don’t need you to play with High, just switch it on long enough to take the screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sephios) #34

I got it.
Is this okay s-senpai?

(DB Genome editor) #35

[quote=“Sparks;38572”]I got it.
Is this okay s-senpai?[/quote]
Perfect young grasshopper B)


(AlphaUT) #36

not so sure about this LOL

(DB Genome editor) #37


not so sure about this LOL[/quote]
Not so sure about what @ruminativeSoup ?

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*** Update (see first post) ***

Another small update to clean up some remaining placeholders. The number of red pics is getting smaller, but I still need your help to eliminate the last few stragglers…

Version 4.2 release notes:

  • Updated Aura’s skins sheet (now completed)
  • Added some missing loadout cards and updated several others to better resolution on various mercs’ loadouts sheets

First post has been updated with this version.

(scorchingOctopus) #39

Bump, I’d like to see this stickied.

(captivatedEsquire) #40

I have 3 gold phantom skins if you’d like them