The DB Genome Project - Everything there is to know about loadouts

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What is the Genome Project?

The Dirty Bomb Genome Project started as an effort to visually document the available loadout cards for all the DB mercs, but has since expanded to include a compilation of all the in-game info about loadouts, weapons and augments, and later previews of the various skins available for all the mercs were added. With the Nuclear Winter update, weapons skins, weapon cases and trinkets were also added.

This compilation would not have been possible without the help of many contributors. My thanks go to all those who sent me pictures of their loadouts and put up with my nagging requests to correct their settings to accommodate my requirements.

How can I contribute?

Every time there is a Dirty Bomb update that introduces new loadout skins, I’ll be scouring the forums looking for people bragging about their shinny new loadouts and posting pictures of them. If you do get your hands on new skins and would like to help document them in the Genome, all you have to do is capture a screenshot of the main menu preview you get when selecting that loadout card in your inventory.

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  • Screenshots can be taken by simply using the built-in Steam function normally bound to the F12 key. Your screenshot library should open automatically when you close the game or can be accessed through your Steam menu.

  • Skins screenshots should be of the “Enemy” variant, taken with the video preset setting “High” using the 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1600 x 900 or better:

  • If you are getting a distorted image because your monitor doesn’t properly support this resolution, try turning the “Windowed” mode ON.

  • The actual loadout is not important.

  • For taller models, part of the head can sometimes appear behind the information text. Please take a moment to rotate the model or time the capture to avoid any such interference as there is no way for me to correct that.

NOTE ON IMAGE FORMAT REQUIREMENTS: The new skin preview introduced with the Nuclear Winter update has much less intrusive overlays, so I should be able to accept pretty much anything with a decent resolution. However, my workflow is optimized for 1600 x 900, so this is the resolution that requires the less amount of post-processing for me.

SUBMISSION WARNING: Failure to respect the settings and resolution demanded will likely result in your submission being unusable, so please take a moment to set them up properly.

Pictures below are much bigger than they appear here or in the preview you will get if you simply click on them.

I recommend using “Right click > Open in new tab” for a larger, more readable version!

Reference Sheets

This section contains information about how the Genome’s sheets are organized

Loadouts Sheets

Exclusive Skins

These are skins which were not made available to the general public, but which you might run into in game. No skin previews for those, sorry…

(click to show/hide)

Weapon Skins Sheets

Weapon Cases Sheets

Trinkets Sheets

Release Notes

Version 23.0 release notes:

  • Updated descriptions of Enigma, Lock-On and Untrackable augments
  • Added Aura’s Obsidian Operative loadout and skin preview
  • Added FACEIT weapon skins and trinket
  • Added Beta Veteran trinket

The DB Genome Project
(_Sniff_) #2

[quote=“Djiesse;12972”] Sniff who single-handedly provided more than half the skin pictures.
You know I gotchu!

(piranha_3) #3

because the image has a red card? Djiesse good job :slight_smile:

(DB Genome editor) #4

Sorry, are you asking why some of the pictures are red? Those are loadout cards or skins which I was unable to get so far, so they are placeholders. If anyone has those in their inventory and can provide a picture I’ll be happy to update them.

(piranha_3) #5

I have a card, cobalt fragment in vassili, M011 SHIELDED SNIPER :slight_smile:

(DB Genome editor) #6

@fictitiousCab would you mind sending me a screenshot of it? I would need the “Enemy” variant, taken with the video preset setting “High” using the 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1152 x 864 (preferred) or higher.

(piranha_3) #7

yes I will help complete their good work :slight_smile:

(piranha_3) #8

Djiesse I have KIRA B72 card. you want a print

(piranha_3) #9

also I have the Nader KE81

(DB Genome editor) #10

If the Kira is an “Anodised Blue” Cobalt (with the little triangles on her clothes and the blue gun), then I’d like that one as well. Otherwise I’m already covered for the rest of her skins and all of Nader’s.

(Locien0) #11

I uploaded ss of rare ones I have, I think it’s cobalt Sawbonez you are looking for:

(DB Genome editor) #12

Thanks @sunnyBox , I was indeed missing that Cobalt Saw.

(Nail) #13

I have a Kira B83 Gold, need it ?

that makes 4 Different Golds

(DB Genome editor) #14

@Nail read the layout map: there are 3 Gold skin variants, each available for all the loadouts available in Bronze. Effectively there are 27 distinct Gold cards, I’m only showing a sample of each skin variant, up to your imagination to merge that with those on the Bronze row… :wink:

(Nail) #15

ya, posting just before bed means I miss the obvious sometimes,

(Thof) #16

I have a cobalt kira br-16 if you’d like it, as well as the blishlok cobalt fragment for sawbonez - lemme’ know what you need and I’ll take the shots for you

(DB Genome editor) #17

@Thof I’m covered for Sawbonez (update incoming), but if that Cobalt Kira is the one with the blue gun, I’ll take it. Please make the screenshot of the “Enemy” variant, taken with the video preset setting “High” using the 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1152 x 864 (preferred) or higher. You can simply upload it to your Steam account or any image hosting service like and send me the link.

(Thof) #18

oh - I have the fragmented BR-16 not the pure cobalt one, so I suppose you have everything I have to offer :stuck_out_tongue:

excellent project though - look forward to following it’s progress and lending a hand wherever possible :slight_smile:

(DB Genome editor) #19

*** Update (see first post) ***

Just released a small update to bring some skin sheets up to date with the pics I received recently:

Version 4.1 release notes:

  • Updated several skins sheets:
  • Aura (still missing Swiss Red Gold and Fragment Cobalt)
  • Fragger (completed)
  • Kira (still missing Anodised Blue Cobalt)
  • Nader (completed)
  • Proxy (completed)
  • Rhino (completed)
  • Sawbonez (still missing Beta Fighter Obsidian)
  • Sparks (completed)

First post has been updated with this version.

Note that I’m still looking for a Fragment Cobalt Vassili as well.

(Azure Emulation) #20