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*** Update (see first post) ***

Another huge update with the release of the new Second Edition loadouts, plus a few other goodies and changes sprinkled in the last game update for good measure.

Version 9.0 release notes:

  • Added new sheets for all the mercs to cover the new Second Edition loadouts, these sheets are listed first as they are the most current ones
  • Added the Rogue en Vogue final loadouts and skins for Aimee and Proxy
  • Added Lineage Continuity info on the First Edition sheets showing the closest parent of the new loadouds and how much they diverged from them
  • Added event info next to the skin previews for Obsidian and Special Edition loadouts
  • Updated the Rhino and Kira First Edition sheets with their revised Gold and Cobalt cards (slight change in the position of the model vs the loadout name text)
  • Updated the Augments chart to reflect the adjustments made in the last game update
  • Updated the Layout Maps to reflect the changes above

A few notes on things I didn’t do in this update:

  • Second Edition skins are identical to First Edition ones, so I’m using the same ones on both sheets, even though the cards shown in the previews are First Edition. I might edit the pics to show Second Edition cards one day, but I already had to process over 1800 new loadout cards for this update, so I’ve had my hands full for now.
  • The First Edition Proxy cards and her skin previews were not updated with the post Rogue en Vogue bandaged version, even though updated cards were released in the game for every single one of them except the Founders one. I’m edging my bets that this is only temporary and I suspect I’ll have to redo the Second Edition sheet soon enough…

And finally a few trivia items:

  • The new layout for the skin previews (with the addition of the favorite button) has a lot more overlays encroaching on the models. The good news is that my standard 4:3 1152 x 864 will still produce usable screenshots (although the loadout cards will from now on be on the right…). The bad news is that so far it’s the only combination of aspect ratio and resolution that provides good results. In higher 4:3 resolutions (starting at 1280 x 960), the size of the overlays increases a notch, covering more of the models. I was not able to test very high 4:3 resolutions, so it is possible that some of the higher ones do provide something usable, but I won’t know for sure until I can see one…
  • With this new release the Genome is now composed of 61 pictures with a resolution of 5376 x 3024. I couldn’t find an official name for that, but that’s about twice the pixel content of 4K.
  • The average size of these pictures is 2.7 Mb each, for a total of nearly 170 Mb. They would be unmanageable in any standard format other than JPG.
  • The sheets are built using PowerPoint as I find it very handy to manipulate and precisely position large number of images. I have one file for each merc and these files (which integrate hundreds of independent pictures) now average about 115 Mb each.
  • The Genome folder structure on my PC where I keep all the source images, the edited versions and the PowerPoint files, is now nearly 5.5 Gb in size. That’s more than the entire DB game files…

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(DB Genome editor) #182

Micro update: I just added a sheet showing the exclusive Obsidian cards available only to the Splash Damage and Nexon employee with skins in their respective corporate colors. Sadly I only have access to the loadout cards, so no skin previews…

(Dawnlazy) #183

The Genome project has come to have an impressive amount of depth, I’d give you 10 likes if I could :o

(DB Genome editor) #184

I appreciate the thought @Dawnrazor :wink:

(battyJubilee) #185

Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this. I visit this page every time I need to look at loadout cards for new mercs I buy.

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*** Update (see first post) ***

Although there hasn’t been any new loadouts released since the end of the Rogue en Vogue event, there have been a number of small cosmetic updates to some of the existing cards as well as augments tweaking. I also found a simple way of updating skin previews with Second Edition cards, so I decided to bite the bullet on that one too. And of course crafting and recycling info, as well as new drop odds are now reflected on the main Layout Map sheet.

Version 9.1 release notes:

  • Updated Proxy Obsidian Culprit cards with new versions (corrected name font)
  • Updated all Aimee cards with new versions (tweaked skin tone and corrected model issues)
  • Replaced cards on 2nd edition skin previews (all mercs except Proxy which I probably won’t update until she gets her eye back) and some updated 1st edition ones (Kira and Rhino Gold and Cobalt, Phantom Default and Lead)
  • Updated some augments to reflect latest descriptions
  • Updated Layout Map with new non-event drop odds, crafting costs and recycling values

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@Djiesse can you put all this stuff in spoiler tags so that people can open whatever they want to see? It takes a lot of time to load all of that stuff.

(DB Genome editor) #188

Sure, why not…

(DB Genome editor) #189

*** Update (see first post) ***

It’s been nearly 8 months since my last update, 8 months since we’ve had any new skins or other loadouts changes. But here it is…

Version 10.0 release notes:

  • Added Ranked Eagle special edition loadouts and skin previews for all mercs

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(DB Genome editor) #190

I don’t have easy access to the newly-released Ranked Season 3 skins, so I’m looking for generous donators to help me collect all of them. Currently I only have Vassili and Sawbonez, so I’m looking for all the others. If you would like to help, all you have to do is capture a screenshot of the main menu preview you get when selecting that loadout card in your inventory.

  • Screenshots can be taken by simply using the built-in Steam function normally bound to the F12 key. Your screenshot library should open automatically when you close the game or can be accessed through your Steam menu.
  • Skins screenshots should be of the “Enemy” variant, taken with the video preset setting “High” using the 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1152 x 864.
  • The actual loadout is not important.

NOTE ON IMAGE FORMAT REQUIREMENTS: I need the 4:3 aspect ratio because the overlays (loadout card, enemy/friendly switch and favorite button) do not encroach as much on the models as they do in the 16:9 layout. As for the resolution, the Unlock and Load update changed the layout and until proven otherwise, 1152 x 864 is the most useful resolution (i.e. the one that provides the largest usable model area). However, I have only been able to test resolutions up to 1280 x 960 (which is worse than 1152 x 864), so it is possible that very high 4:3 resolutions can be useful as well, but I won’t be able to confirm until I get my hands on one…

SUBMISSION WARNING: Failure to respect the settings, aspect ratio and resolution demanded will likely result in your submission being unusable, so please take a moment to set them up properly.

(alphabeta) #191

When will you add Ranked Season 3 cards?

(alphabeta) #192

When will you add Ranked Season 3 skins?

(alphabeta) #193

Sorry for repeated post on an already answered question; I didn’t realize thread was defaulting to first page instead of end.

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@alphabeta said:
When will you add Ranked Season 3 skins?
I’m almost ready but I’m still missing screenshots for Aimee, Fletcher, Kira and Nader :frowning:

If anyone out there has one of those, please read the 1st post for guidelines and send me a screenshot!

(alphabeta) #195

@Djiesse said:
I’m almost ready but I’m still missing screenshots for Aimee, Fletcher, Kira and Nader :frowning:

If anyone out there has one of those, please read the 1st post for guidelines and send me a screenshot!

Do you need screenshots of the 2 new Obsidian Aura’s?

(DB Genome editor) #196

@alphabeta said:
Do you need screenshots of the 2 new Obsidian Aura’s?

No, there is a preview available for those in the store, so I was able to take my own pics. Same for the Obsidian Operatives.

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* Update (see first post) *****

Ranked Season 3 is finally here and with it… What? Another event with a bunch of new skins already?!? Oh well, that’s going to be for another update…

Version 11.0 release notes:

  • Added Shatter (Ranked Season 3) special edition loadouts and skin previews for all mercs
  • Added new Obsidian loadouts and skin previews for Aura, Arty, Fletcher and Stoker

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(Bestfinlandball) #198

@Djiesse I can provide you with a Shellshock fragger K92 skin preview if you need it.

(tastles) #199

Just wanted to say that I love stuff like this and I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to put it all together! If you need Redeye’s G41 shellshock loadout, let me know and I’ll give a screenshot.

(DB Genome editor) #200

@Bestfinlandball @tastles thanks for the offers but I’m already covered for Fragger and Redeye.

For anyone else interested in helping, I’m still looking for screenshots of the Shell Shock skin previews for Bushwhacker, Sawbonez and Skyhammer (please see the first post for more info on the screenshot requirements).